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My 5 Most Popular Posts {November Blogathon}

Happy Monday Friends!!!  I hope you had a fab weekend!  I'm gonna be real here, it was actually really nice to have the weekend off from blogging.  Not that I don't normally take the weekend off, but I haven't blogged this intensively for a good while and I needed a breather.  I'm glad to be back today with a new theme for the November Blogathon...blogging week!!!!

Today's prompt is to share three favorite posts from your archives.  Well, I did make these up, so I'm going to take the liberty of breaking my own prompt and do five instead.  Because The Mrs. & The Momma is a lifestyle blog, there are various topics that I couldn't just pick three, therefore, I designated the genre they fall under...most funny, best outfit, etc...AND how they ranked in popularity.  I look forward to seeing everyone else's!!!!!

1.  Favorite Outfit Post:  Pixie + Sequin Sweatshirt

2.  Most humorous:  Pig Pregnancy Photo Shoot

3.  Still relevant today:  Like a Duck

4.  All-time most pageviews: Curling a Short Bob Tutorial

5.  Brings a tear to my eye:  Generous Thoughts

>>> Find all the November Blogathon prompts HERE and don't forget to use the hashtag #NOVEMBERBLOGATHON when sharing your posts!

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  1. i'm joining in for a few prompts this november and i'm so excited! also, i wish i could pull off short hair like you can…the cutest!

    xoxo, kiely

  2. Seriously, I wish I had a tenth of your style!!! Great posts! I'm up too... mine aren't nearly as fun and peppy as yours...(defintely not as stylish!) Do you do consults? LOL :) Hope you had a great weekend!



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