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If you follow my Facebook page, you might have seen where I talked about shopping this time of year.  I feel like we're in that in-between longer back-to-school shopping, but not yet quite full-blown holiday shopping.  Yet, my kids have seemed to hit a growth spurt recently and this momma is discovering some "holes" in her closet....thus, some shopping is warranted.

For the kiddos, Old Navy and Children's Place are running some good deals right now.  As for me (and my all lady friends), there are some amazing deals and steals for fall clothing.  October isn't normally a big sale month, but I've come across these cute, on-trend, and versatile pieces (below) for all under $50!  Some are limited on sizing, but always check back if stores are out-of-stock...lots of times they'll restock a popular item.  I have my eye on that red plaid top (Madewell), and I already own #5 and #8 which I can vouch for their quality and function!  Happy shopping friends and have a great rest of the week!!!

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My Favorite Fall Top

My style lately has pretty much consisted of these flowy tunic tops.  I mean, they're everything.  Comfy.  Cute.  Stylish.  And you can eat 5 burritos and no one will be the wiser.  I'm trying to find track down every variation of this style I can far I'm up to 3 (and maybe I should stop there).  But man, they sell out fast!  I've seen them at Brooks & Co., Jane, and Shop Fancy Free

And mark my words friends, I will wear this trend out.  Try it.  You won't be able to quit.  Promise.  You're welcome.

outfit details >>> top: Shop Fancy Free // skirt: Target (old) // shoes: Nordstrom // bag: Fawn Design // earrings: Lavish Leathers // sunnies: Nordstrom

An Evening at the Park

This past weekend was one of those unicorn weekends where we didn't have much going on.  I'm telling ya, we almost didn't know what to do with ourselves!  After a good Target run (because what's a Saturday without Target?) and after the kids ALL taking naps (can I get a hallelujah!?)...we picked up some Torchy's Tacos and Double Dave's pepperoni rolls (because picky eaters) and headed to the park for the evening.  At first, the kids weren't too pumped about the prospects of kicking around soccer balls and throwing the baseball, but we all ended up having a great time and made some good memories.

Family time spent being together...the best kind of time.  Just being us.

Beautiful Utah | Hiking Mount Timpanogos

Wow, Utah is just gorgeous...isn't it!?  We hiked Mount Timpanogos and saw first hand the beauty of autumn in the mountains.  We weren't able to summit because it was already impassable without proper gear (snow), but we hiked as far as we could, making it to Emerald Lake.  And I'm not gonna lie---it was tough.  I knew I was out of shape, but geez...factoring in the altitude and hiking in a rain storm made me feel super accomplished when we made it back down the mountain!

I overcame physical pain and really had to put into practice "mind-over-matter".  Going down was extremely painful (I'm officially old), but totally different from the pain/exhaustion going up.  But gosh it was worth it!  The views were so beautiful and it was absolutely lovely each time I stopped to look back over where we'd came.  Thankfully, the mountain was pretty quiet that day and we only encountered a few other hikers.  Hopefully some of these pics do it justice...and I definitely would recommend doing this hike if you ever get a chance!!!!  I'm hoping to do it again sometime in the summer when we can summit.

On the drive up to Utah, coming up on this arch had me like a giddy little girl!!!!  I've always wanted to see and arch and I had resigned myself that we probably wouldn't unless we ventured into one of the national parks.  So imagine my surprise when we came around a curve to this beauty!!!  Just amazing!

Have you visited Utah?
Where are your favorite places there?

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A Week in Utah | LDS Temples


Hello Friends!!!  You know how when you've out of town for a while and getting back into the swing of things leaves you feeling like you've been run over by a truck?  Yeah, that's about me right now.  Goodness, being in Utah for a week did a number on me!  But how much fun we had!

Last Wednesday, my mom and I drove up to Albuquerque and then onto Utah the next day.  Then Blake flew up (lucky) Friday and we hiked up Mount Timpanogos that day (more details on that to come).  Saturday and Sunday we attended our church's General Conference in Salt Lake City and drove around the area discovering new little we don't know Utah well at all and it was fun to explore.  The fall weather was DIVINE!!!  Ugh, coming back to Texas humidity and summer-like temperatures---insert eyeroll.  I was also able to capture some great night images of the Salt Lake Temple and the Mount Timpanogos Temple...and I'm thinking of getting them on canvas!  I love how they turned out!

All in all, it was both an exhausting and uplifting time.  I loved hearing the talks from the leaders of our church of what we need to know right now in the world...some of my favorites were on topics of being joyful and of making time for scriptures.  I'm looking forward on going back and reading them, and you can too at  I'll post more about our hiking adventures, but suffice it to say, it's nothing short of a miracle that I'm alive and well.  (okay, a bit exaggerated, but just wait.)  Happy Hump Day!!!

Outfit details >>> dress: ASOS // booties: Nordstrom // earrings: Kendra Scott

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Trend Report | Distressed Denim

Distressed denim is ALL over the place right now and is a huge fall trend!  My particular fave is black distressed denim as it can look a little more put together than the blues.  Distressed jeans give that cool girl vibe that can be dressed up with heels or down with tennis...kind of the all-purpose denim, if you will.  I've spotlighted below some of my favorites in stores right now, all having various degrees of distressing...according to your comfort and style!

One of the best ways to wear distressed denim this fall is with an easy, no fuss t-shirt and fun cardigan or jacket...paired with some killer jewelry.  However you choose to wear your distressed denim, make sure to take care when washing and alway hang-dry to extend the life of your garment.

denim: Old Navy // top: Brooks & Co. // bag: Fawn Design // earrings: Lavish Leathers // choker: Urban Outfitters // loafers: Madewell

Distressed Jeans >>>

Black Distressed Denim >>>

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Time Saving Tips for the School Year

School is well under way and I feel we have just began to come up for air.  Activities, homework and tests, and schedules in general have been quite busy lately.  It's a challenge (and priority) for our family to spend as much time together as we can, so anything that provides a bit of a shortcut is a definitely MUST for us right now!  This is especially true when it comes to after-school snacks and dinnertime.  Anyone else in this boat?  I think mommas, including myself, love when they can feed their kids good food while benefiting from some convenience and ease.

We've been loving a few products I received in a recent Babble Box.  Not only have they made dinner time quick and easy with the Veetee Rice packs and Kahiki chicken, but after school snack have been extra fun with new snacks such as Popchips, Sabra Hummus Spreads, Chocmeister, and Peeled's been so refreshing for have unique and quick options rather than the usual granola bar.

Such a yummy dinner!  We sautéed up some zucchini and married it with Veetee Rice and Kahiki chicken...viola!  The Kahiki chicken is one of the best oriental frozen foods out there and the Veetee rice can be microwaved or sautéed as yum!  I can't wait to try the Kahiki bowls for when I just need a little dinner for myself!

My kids get lots of "junk" for lack of a better word, at school and when they're with their at home, I'm pretty protective of what they eat.  I love that these Peeled Cheddar Peas Organic snacks are healthy and nutritious.  My kids eat these baked snacks up!

My kids have always loved hummus for afternoon snacks...with either carrots, cucumbers, or pretzels.  These Sabra spreads make it kid-friendly because you can just squeeze however much you want on your kids' plate!  Also, these Popchips didn't last long in our fact, they were gone in one afternoon!  They especially loved the cheddar flavor!  And on days they choose sweet over savory, we go for some apples or pretzels dipped in the Chocmeister hazelnut spread, a sweet chocolate delight!  Again, I feel good about a "healthier" option and my kids absolutely LOVE it!  Dipping is definitely preferred when it comes to snacks...I guess it just adds another dimension to it and helps the kids feel empowered.

>>>I've got some fun deals and coupons for you!  See below for your next shopping trip:

-Chocmeister:  LessSugarChoc for 20% off orders of $25 or more on Offer will be valid through September 30th.

-Peeled Snacks White Cheddar Peas Please:  One time offer of 15% off total cart over $25 at, promo code BABBLE16. September 5th-30th, 2016.

-Kahiki Crispy Tempura Item:  Print a limited time Buy 1 Get 1 FREE coupon for our new Yum Yum Stix™, Bowl & Roll™ entrees or Egg Rolls. While there, download our FREE Asian Dinner Party Planner!

Can't wait to try these other Kahiki products as well!!!!

**Because I love sharing family tips that make life easier, I've partnered with and Single Edition Media on this post. All opinions are my own.

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