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Exercise Routine + Heath Tips {November Blogathon}

I'm gonna be real with y' exercise routine and "health tips" are seriously lacking.  I could tell you that I love running, abstain from sweets, regularly partake in stress-reducing exercises, but the truth of the matter is...I just don't that often.

However, I DO know what I SHOULD be's just actually putting it into practice.  So for today's November Blogathon prompt, I'll share with you what I know what works for my body.  The things that when I do them, I feel my best self!

>>> Running.  I really hate running, but I want to love it.  I've stopped and started countless times.  My only time to actually accomplish this activity is in the morning before Blake leaves...which requires me to wake up early...enough said.  I really just want the running fairies to come sprinkle running dust on my head at night.  Anything could help at this point!

>>> Drinking lots of water.  This girl likes herself some Diet Dr. Pepper and energy drinks, so I have to MAKE myself drink water.  Pathetic, I know.  I try to drink flavored or enhanced water, such as with Spark or flavored drink packets.  Filling up on water help my skin look healthy and fills my tummy up so I don't snack out of boredom.

>>> Eat sweets moderately.  I used to have the will power of a lion in college.  I could say no to any and all sweets, while munching on my frozen peas and salad for lunch.  Now granted, I was a poor college student, so all I could afford was frozen peas, but still...I ate super healthy.  My theory is that pregnancy ruined all that for me.  When you're pregnant, whether you intend it to or not, the mindset of "I can eat whatever I want" sneaks into your psyche and establishes a permanent residence.  At least for me it did.  While I still pretty much eat whatever I want (self-proclaimed sugar addict here), this past year I've definitely seen that catch up with me.  Now I've just got to figure out how to reverse back to that college Kristen way of eating.

>>> Yoga.  I used to freakin' teach yoga...if anyone should continue something they know is fabulous for them on so many levels, it should be ME.  But sadly, this is another area I fall short.  I love how yoga shapes your body, reduces stress, and facilitates a limber figure.  It's really one of the best forms of exercise because you get body weight resistance, mental engagement, breathing, and sometimes a bit of cardio.

Are you seeing a theme here yet?  I think I'll consider this post my "health pep talk" of sorts to kick myself in the butt...because heaven knows I need it.  I can't wait to read how everyone responded to this prompt so I can steal all their tips!  If you're blogging along this month, make sure to use #NovemberBlogathon in social media so everyone can find your posts!

Now, I'm off to eat a breakfast of champions...the M&M cookies I made last night. ;)

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