Fall Capsule Wardrobe | Part 2 {Accent Pieces}

Well it's taken me over a week to post this follow up to the part 1 of my fall capsule wardrobe, but alas, here it is.  These pieces can be little accents to what you have in your regular rotation (they generally have higher price points), but for me, they'll most likely have "strong supporting roles", rather than "honorable mentions".  I've included several army green pieces, which I consider a neutral and compliments any skin tone.  Definitely add this color to your closet!!!  I'm also super excited to get my hands on some amazing flared jeans (these from Banana are currently sold out, but I found a great second choice)...as well as this white and red floral dress I can't wait to wear to a wedding next weekend!

I'd love to see some of your accent pieces you've picked out for Fall...It's my favorite time of year!!!!

Floral midi-dress {$98} // Chambray Shirt {$25} // Pleated Skirt {$80} // 

Utility Jacket {$45} // Print Midi-Dress {$99} // Floppy Wool Hat {$21} //

Flare Jeans {$80} // Chetah Pumps {$110} // Trench Coat {$200} //

Army Green Blouse {$34} // Flannel Plaid Shirt {$55} // Oversized Scarf {$33} // Camo Scarf {$20}

Dinair Air Brush Makeup

As a busy momma of 4, my makeup routine has to be pretty quick.  I love wearing makeup and I actually consider myself one of those people who "needs" makeup...it's just better for everyone involved...so everyday is a makeup day for me.

While I enjoy trying out new makeup, my only experience with air brushed makeup was when I got my makeup done professionally for a wedding a few years back...and loved it!  I remember it looking so flawless!  So when I got the opportunity to review a Dinair Airbrush Kit, I was down right giddy.  My face has always been rather uneven toned and reddish, so I was interested to see what a difference airbrushing would make.  And boy did it!

After I got the kit and various shades of makeup, I Skyped with a Dinair makeup artist who color-matched my skin and taught me how to "airbrush" myself...and I've used it every day since.  Depending on the amount of coverage I want, I'm able to use as much or little as I want...see the difference below?

Dinair is lightweight, hypoallergenic, paraben and oil free, and can be applied super easily and quick.  I've loved getting to experiment with all the different ways to use the applicator...especially with my eyebrows, which are basically non-existent without some help.  Check out my video below to see how I've learned to make it part of my new makeup routine.

I would definitely recommend, dare I say "life-changing", Dinair Airbrush Makeup!!!   With the ease of application and long-lasting quality, it's made me more confident in being presentable all day long, while also being able to turn up my "look" a few notches.  A big thanks to Dinair for sending me this amazing product!!!!

Have you ever tried airbrushed makeup?  What did you think?

Fall Capsule Wardrobe | Part 1 {The Basics}

As I've mentioned the past several weeks on Instagram, I've decided to go for it and compile a capsule wardrobe for this fall.  Scary?  Yes, quite.  Exciting?  Yes, in the way that I am looking forward to not having so many choices and keeping my look classic, yet me.

So to start off my big capsule reveal, today is all about the basics.  I'm not giving myself a number of pieces I have to stick to (hoping to cap it at no more than 40), so I'll be showcasing my capsule in three separate blog posts..."The Basics", "some Spice" (including some items I know I'll wear a few times but don't necessarily fall into a "capsule" label), and "Accessories".  Over the past two months, I've carefully curated this basics list...taking advantage of sales and drawing upon what I already owned.  My most favorite purchase was my new biker jacket from Urban Outfitters for under $200!  Check out the specific links to each piece below.

*Just to note:  While there are PLENTY of places from which to buy these basics (or ones very similar), I linked to the exact ones I have/purchased just for reference.  The best places to get your capsule basics are Target, Old Navy, Nordstrom, and Amazon (jeans)...in my opinion.

>>>Basic Tops:

-Black Tee
-Gray Tee
-Tan Tee
-White Tee
-Black Tank
-Striped 3/4 Sleeve
-Striped Tee


-Dark Denim Skinnies
-Black Skinnies
-White Denim
-Black Pencil Skirt


-Jean Jacket
-Leather Jacket
-Long Striped Cardigan
-Long Gray Cardigan


-White Converse
-Black Pumps
-Tan Ankle Booties
-Black Riding Boots
-Black Ankle Booties

Labor Day Sales 2015

1.  Ann Taylor:  

-50% off select full price and all sale styles
Code: HAPPY50 // Date: 9/3-9/6

2.  Anthropologie:

- 30% off sale // code: EXTRA30

3.  Banana Republic:

- 40% off your entire purchase // Code: BRFALL // Ends: 9/8

4.  Gap:

- 40% off everything

5.  J. Crew Factory:

- 50% off everything // Date: Ends 9/7

6.  J. Crew:

30% off your order of $125+ // Code: GETSHOPPING // Date: Ends 9/9

7.  LOFT:

30% off fall arrivals plus and extra 50% off summer styles

8.  Madewell:

take 30% off fall essentials and an extra 30% off all sale styles // Date: Ends 9/7

9.  Nordstrom:

save up to 40% on sale items // Date: until 9/13

10.  Old Navy:

up to 60% off everything

Buying Ethically Conscious - A Shopping Guide

Do you use credit card points?  I just recently got the Southwest Airlines card and have made many of my purchases using it just to get points.  It's so great knowing each purchase I make actually goes toward something and makes a difference!  Similarly, as we make purchases and take part in today's marketplace, we have the opportunity to get "points" when we shop ethically...I like to call them "ethically conscious points"...but basically, it's just knowing that you bought from companies who promote fair trade, ethical labor, and environment stewardship...and doing your part to better the world in which we live.  Obtaining these hypothetical points are, in my mind, ways we each can make a difference in another's life.  Who doesn't want more of that?!
While there are MANY ethically conscious companies out there, I thought I'd share with you a few of my favorites.  (Several of these can be found locally at Tiaras here in town...next time you're in the boutique, make sure to tell the shop girls I sent you!)

1.  Sseko Designs:

I got my first pair of Sseko sandals from Tiaras Boutique and absolutely LOVE them.  The cherry on top is how wonderful their mission is...giving employment opportunities and scholarships to women pursuing their dreams in Uganda.  Sseko strives to empower these women and gives consumers (us) a hand in their admirable mission, as well!  Check out their lines of sandals, booties, flats, etc!

2.  The Giving Keys:

The Giving Keys (also can be found at Tiaras), is a company founded upon employing those transitioning out of homelessness.  The idea is to give your key (with whatever message that key embraces...examples are believe, faith, family, courage, hope, love, truth, etc.) onto someone who needs it more than you.  What a beautiful cycle of paying it forward! 

3.  Purse & Clutch:

Purse & Clutch is an Ethical Handbag boutique that partners with artisans around the world.  These artisans are treated with respect and are paid a fair and living wage for their region.  I personally know the owner, Jen, and she whole-heartedly believes in her company and the quality behind each piece.  I just love that each handbag has a story behind it...and one you get to find out about with each purchase!

4.  Noonday Collection:

Noonday Collection empowers artisans in developing countries to grow sustainable businesses and earn a reliable income for themselves.  You may have heard of Noonday trunk shows or maybe have been to one...their jewelry is so uniquely on-trend...I'm obsessed.  Check out their Fall 2015 collection here.

5.  Sevenly:

A while back, one of my friends turned me on to Sevenly.  They specialize in tees, tanks, sweatshirts, etc. which not only depict a meaningful message, but support various charities.  The causes are varied and plentiful...you'll be sure to find one you can get behind!

6.  The Root Collective:
The Root Collective is a shoe boutique that fights poverty and gang violence through partnering with artisans for a fair wage, as well as giving back a portion of each sale to programs that support these causes.  Their shoes are not only unique, but stylish as well.  How about this striped flat...so cute!!!

7.  Bridgewater Candles:
Can I just tell you how heavenly these candles smell???  I have a car freshener of Bridgewater's and it makes me happy each and every time I get in and turn on the car!  Bridgewater Candles donate to rice bowls for orphans to eat overseas.  I don't know about you, but helping children not go hungry is one of the best causes there is!  (Locally, these can also be picked up at Tiaras.)  

8.  Toms:  
Of course most of us have been familiar with Toms for a while...but I only recently discovered just how far-reaching their efforts can be.  Not only do they actively uphold the "one-for-one" shoe program, but they also give aid with medical eye treatment and prescription glasses (via Toms Eyewear), support water systems in seven countries (via Toms Roasting Company), provide training for skilled birth attendants along with materials needed for a safe birth (via Toms bags), and help prevent bullying here in the U.S. (via Toms backpacks).  I love my Toms wedges!

Which ethically conscious brands are YOUR favorite???

First Day of School Family Traditions

The first day of school is always a blur of excitement, rush, and nerves...and yesterday was no exception.  If anything, it carried a bit more weight than the usual first day of school...for two reasons.  One, our oldest has been homeschooled the past year and a half.  Putting her back in public school is a choice we are confident about, however, I still had a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach as I walked out of her new classroom yesterday.  Big feelings, people.  And second, our youngest daughter started kindergarten yesterday.  Thankfully, she has the same kinder teacher the other two have had, so I know she's in good hands.  But then...there's just me and the little guy left at home.  *tear*

Okay, enough of my pity party and back to the first day of school business.  We all agree it's pretty exciting all-around...but wouldn't it be awesome if our children remembered those feelings of excitement and just how special each new year was to them?  In our family, we believe strong family traditions do just that.  Associating a repeated tradition (that's probably redundant) with what we hope to be a memorable experience for them, will help etch those memories in their still-developing minds, while also forging stronger family bonds.  Can you tell I'm a big fan of traditions? ;)  So today...the 2nd day of school...I'd like to share our family's first day of school traditions.

First Day of School Traditions:

  • Father's Blessings - In our church, the men hold the priesthood and can administer using that authority and power.  One of the ways they can use their priesthood is by giving blessings...and in this case, special father's blessings.  The night before the first day of school, we all sit and listen while one-by-one, he blesses his children for the coming year.  These are beautiful and personal blessings...and I look forward to it each year!
  • Cinnamon Rolls for Breakfast - This year I was surprised that each one of our kids assumed I'd be making cinnamon rolls Sunday afternoon...they remembered our tradition!  I have a killer recipe that I just love.  (The Pioneer Woman recipe is also a great one.)  Each morning on the first day of school, we have a breakfast of cinnamon rolls (plus some kind of protein) and also make a plate of rolls for each of their teachers to wish them a happy first day of school, too!
  • Official "First Day of School" Pictures - I shared on my photography FB page that this year I started a tradition of back-to-school photos for each of my kids.  These were taken before school started as a remembrance of what they looked like at their respective ages...kind of like a mini photo-shoot off my front porch.  But THEN, there's the real deal.  The "right before you leave" photos taken on the first day.  They're absolute musts.  But what we also do, is take more photos after they get home to do a comparison.  Usually it's just a much sweatier mess that the former, but they get a kick out of it.

>>> What are some of YOUR family's first day of school traditions?  I would love to hear, so please share in the comments!

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My Top 10 Take-Aways from Disney Social Media Moms Conference

Happy Monday friends!!!!  I'm so excited to share with you my experience at the Disney Social Media Moms "On the Road" Conference!  When I first received my invitation to this exclusive event, I pretty much geeked out.  I've blogged quite a bit lately (HERE and HERE and HERE) about my love for Disney, our family Disney experiences, and how I can pretty much talk anyone into going on a Disney Cruise...so to be included was absolutely an amazing honor!

We listened to several speakers...some who worked for Disney Parks (PR and Social Media), as well as some bloggers and notable influencers who imparted their knowledge and experience throughout their media-based careers.  Here's a few things I took away from the Disney Social Media Moms Conference in relation to blogging:

  • Take a cue from Disney and use imaginative story-telling with your blogging.
  • Use a Google Doc to create a live functioning editorial calendar.
  • See the world as a series of questions...and then provide answers.
  • Each platform of social media is a "party" - Focus on a few platforms that really work for you.
  • Every blogger should have a "book proposal" ready, meaning, writing/publishing a book/ebook should be part of every bloggers' future goals.
  • Know your top search terms for your site.
  • Video is EVERYTHING.  From Periscope, to Magisto, to YouTube, to Videolicious...it's where it's AT!
  • Two new platforms to get in on now:  Snapchat and Periscope. {follow me on both at @kristennjansen}
  • Set up two social media handles for cross promotion.
  • Mickey Mouse is a good hugger.  ;)

^^^ Jealous, aren't you? ^^^

^^^ My creds ^^^

^^^ Isn't this SO cool!?  What a creative idea! ^^^

^^^ Shout out to my friend Jennifer!  Loved seeing friends there! ^^^

^^^ Taking photos and taking notes ^^^

^^^ Me and the M-O-U-S-E!  He's just as handsome in person! ^^^

A HUGE thank you to Disney Social Media Moms for including me in this fun, informative, and most of all MAGICAL conference!  I had such a wonderful time and look forward to the next one!!!!

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