Two Weeks In Maine | Summer Travel

The final leg of our northeast family vacation was spent in the glorious Southwest Harbor, Maine.  We had a darling cabin nestled in a quiet little neighborhood, just steps from the harbor.  Most days, we ventured into Acadia National Park, a short drive away.  Between the hiking, exploring, crabbing, boating, and all manner of FUN...we had such a memorable and wonderful time.

If you've never visited Maine, I would highly suggest spending some time there in the summer or fall months (at least a week to really enjoy it).  I love the costal areas especially, such as the picturesque town of Camden or the historical area of Penobscot.  Staying close to Acadia was really a treat, as we frequented the park so often, biking the carriage roads and hiking the trails.  Bar Harbor is another great spot on Mt. Desert Island, but a tad touristy...great for shopping and eating though!

After this trip (which my third time in Maine), I half-way jokingly mentioned to Blake that we need to figure out how to have a home up there.  In my dreams!  But's THAT amazing!  I described it to someone the other day as "feeling like you're in another country".  I hope and pray we have many more memories to make as a family visiting the state of Maine, and who knows...maybe even someday call it home.

Or summer home.  ;)

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Summer Vacay (Leg 2) - NY, Niagara, & Canada

I shared the first part of our epic Jansen vacation all about New York City HERE...and our second leg of the trip was just as, if not more, exciting and fun!  From NYC, we rented a minivan and headed upstate.  Side note: I never have driven (nor probably ever will again) a minivan and I was oddly giddy about the chance to drive one for several weeks!  Weird I know...but I digress.

We headed up to the Finger Lakes region and found our AirB&B in Honeoye Falls, NY.  It was an old farm house built in the 1800s.  We had an entire wing of the house all to ourselves, as well as access to the pool and grounds.  Besides being a really old house (which showed its age a bit), it was the perfect accommodation and location for our family of six.

On our first day upstate, we visited some historic and very significant church sites, including the Smith Family Farm, the Sacred Grove, the Book of Mormon publication site, and the Hill Cumorah.  We pretty much had each site to ourselves, which was so nice.  Not only were we able to have some special family time spent at each of these locations, but being alone allowed us (especially our kids) to really understand and wrap their brains around what we were seeing/visiting.  We hope at some point, our children's testimonies of God the Father and Jesus Christ were strengthened from their experiences. 

The next day, we arrived early at Niagara Falls for our Maid of the Mist adventure.  I had done this before, so I was super excited for the rest of my family to experience it.  It's like nothing you've ever seen before, as the boat goes right up to the ginormous horseshoe falls.  Everyone gets soaked (hence the ponchos) and the wind blows the mist so hard that at times you can't even look up!  It's incredible!  Afterwards, we cruised across the border to the Canada side to view the falls from a better angle.  The Canadian side is way better, nicer grounds, and an absolute must if you visit Niagara.  For lunch we headed down to one of the most picturesque towns I've seen called Niagara on the Lake.  It sits right on Lake Ontario, which is a sight to see in itself!  Although our stay in Canada was brief, I was glad the kids got to experience what it's like in another country...although Tyler Bree remarked how it's just like the U.S.  Yep!!!

At the end of this leg of the trip, sadly Blake had to return home.  Mostly because of our three dogs...we just didn't feel comfortable boarding them for 3 weeks.  The morning he flew back home, the kids and I flew up to Maine to meet my mom and spend the next two weeks.  Maine is one of my favorite places EVER and it was such a blast!  More coming soon!

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New York City | In 2 Days With 4 Kids

We had SUCH an amazing (almost month-long) trip that I'm just now being able to sort through my photos and wrap my brain around it!  Our trip started out with a brief stay in New York City.  Our flight got in mid-afternoon on a Tuesday and we drove out of the city Thursday afternoon...short but sweet.

In planning our trip, I have to admit I was a tad anxious about taking all 4 kids to the big city.  I had visions of gripping their hands and navigating the stressful streets of NYC.  But in actuality, it wasn't anything like I thought.  Yes, we were cautious and stayed together, but I didn't feel that nervousness I thought I would...except for just once.  We were going down into the subway and I swiped Bennett's card before mine (I don't know why I did this...before then, Blake and I had made sure we were bookends to the kids at all times) and then I went through the turnstile to find him no where in sight.  I full-out panicked and wildly started yelling his name.  I think probably only a few seconds passed before I looked to my right and saw him standing on the outside of the exit turnstile while all of us where on the inside.  I yelled at Blake to swipe the card again to let him back through, but we were all out of money on the card!!!  Pure craziness. It all ended up fine, but could have been a reeeaaaaaaaal bad situation.

I think out of everything we saw and visited...Museum of Natural History, Central Park, Staten Island Ferry, Ground Zero, Times Square...their absolute FAVORITE part was spending their hard earned money at Dylan's Candy Bar.  I mean, they were like kids in a candy store!!!!  ;) We had a great time and would love to go back to New York.  I've been to NYC several times and going all together as a family made me see it in a different light.  But also, made me want to go back again soon with no kids. Ha!

What's YOUR favorite thing to do/eat/see in New York City???

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Summer-to-Fall Transition Piece | Velvet Top

Currently I'm sitting in a hotel room at the half-way point through our family's vacation.  I had remembered that I never posted about my new velvet top I was so stoked about.  One may think (and may be correct in assuming) that velvet is only for cooler weather.  I thought that too...until I wore this top.  It's lined and surprisingly breezy, lending itself to being a great transition piece from summer into fall.  I comes in a variety of colors, including midnight blue as well as this mauve I'm wearing.  I like it so much!

Once home from our trip, I'll be sure to post all the highlights and some travel tips from the places we've been.  Just to give you a little, we rode the Maid of the Mist boat at Niagara Falls and the kids LOVED it!  So did I, but it was especially fun getting to watch their faces in awe.  I hope you all are enjoying your first week of August.  Summer is winding down and it doesn't quite seem fair.  Here's to cherishing these last several weeks before school starts back!

sunnies // ASOS
velvet top // Nordstrom
black denim // Level 99
wedges // Nordstrom
black tote // Kate Spade
jewelry // c/o Lavish Leathers

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