Back-To-School Outfits & Goals

Goodness, this summer is flying by!  How is it already time for school supplies, school clothes, and all that is "back-to-school"?!? This time of year we always start thinking of what we want to accomplish for ourselves and as a family in the coming school year.  Setting goals (and writing them down) are not only beneficial for our own growth, but can also strengthen family bonds as we cheer eachother on!

I sat down with each of my kids the other day and we talked about their school-year goals.  Their responses were such a perfect representation of who they are and the young people they're becoming!  Check out our goals below:

Bennett - To learn more math and science so he can build a lightsaber

Blakely - To create inventions

Riley - To begin and complete "The Order of the Phoenix" (Harry Potter) by Christmas

Tyler Bree - To become an expert on weather

And last but (hopefully) not least....

Me - To keep my home clean on a regular basis to allow for increased harmony and order (wishful thinking?)

Tyler Bree's Outfit:  dress // leggings // shoes // headband 

Riley's Outfit:  top // cardigan // leggings // shoes // headband

And as far as the school-prep goes, one of my kids' favorite parts is getting new school clothes!  (Doesn't everyone?)  I love the back-to-school looks Gymboree sent each one of my kids...they're a perfect fit and look for the first day of school!  Not only are Gymboree's clothes great quality, but they can be worn for all sorts of occasions, dressed up or down or for play!!  And what's even better is that most of these styles are all on SALE!  I've made each one of their looks easy to shop by linking to the exact piece...and if I'm playing favorites (which I try not to do), I must say that I LOVE Tyler Bree and Bennett's outfits, and especially all the adorable shoes my kids are sporting!  While I'm not quite ready for summer to end, there's just something about back-to-school, isn't there?

Blakely's outfit :  dress // cardigan // headband // shoes

Bennett's Outfit:  shirt // pants // socks // shoes

Make sure to check out Gymboree for your family's first day of school outfits and share what you love!!!  Also, let me know in the comments what YOUR kids' goals are!

*Because I love sharing kids style tips and goal-setting, I've partnered with Gymboree on this post.  All opinions are my own.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale | 25 Under $50!

Now that we're into the Early Access weekend of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, I've had some time to really sort through (online and in store) of the best finds of the sale, both in wearability and price.  

*Remember that the sale is now open for those who have a Nordstrom debit or credit card (get one HERE), and then it's open to the public next Friday.

I've rounded up for you 25 sale items ALL under $50!!!  I've snagged a few of these for myself and can't wait to get them in next week!  I'll be sure to post some outfit photos to see how they wear.  Also, check out my Insta and Facebook for some dressing room try-on pics from today's Nordstrom run.  There are really so many wonderful things!!!  Simply click on individual images below to shop or checkout the links below.  And REMEMBER...Nordstrom offers free shipping and returns, so it's always best to order whatever you think you might need/want and then can always exchange/return later for free.  That way, you're less likely to miss those hot items that sell-out.  Happy Shopping!!!

1 // Crushed Velour Tee
2 // Striped Pocket Tee
3 // Floral Print Wrap Top
4 // Slit Tee
5 // Roll Tab Sleeve Shirt - LOVE this...I have it in Black!
6 // Leopard Print Scarf 
7 // Spinning Initial Necklace
8 // Faux Leather Tote - Multiple color options
9 // Cubic Zirconia Earrings
10 // Bar Bib Necklace
11 // High/Low Wrap Tunic - Bought this for myself!
12 // Double Ruffle Blouse - Got this one too!!
13 // Curve Open Front Blazer - AKA the BEST blazer EVER
14 // Tie Front Blouse
15 // Pleat French Terry Top
16 // Faux Wrap Maxi Dress
17 // Pleat Midi Skirt
18 // Frayed Hem Skinny Jean - Multiple color options
19 // Stretch Straight Leg Jean
20 // Sarah Ankle Skinny Jean
21 // MAC Brush Kit - Such a steal!!!
22 // MAC Lip Kit
23 // Clinique Moisturizing Lotion Duo
24 // Eye Envy Collection
25 // MAC Mini Lip Kit

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale | First Look

Happy Thursday Friends!!!  I've been waiting for this day for a while's the first day of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (Early Access)!!!!  If you're a card holder, you can shop the huge sale starting today!  If not, hang in there for a few more days and it's open to the public.  This is the BEST sale of the year hands down, as there are so many steals and deals on clothes/shoes for the next season (not has-been or last seasons stuff)!!!

I did a quick run-through and picked out some of my favorites at first glance.  I'll be posting some more specific spotlights during this next week on booties, jeans, outerwear, and check back!!!

Here are my first-look faves.  Just click on the image to shop!  *Oh and just to note, of the below I have the following and LOVE them:

-High Waist Leather Legging
-Open Front Blazer
-Zella Leggings

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A Family Road Trip | No Mess In Texas

Looking back over this last week, it's been one the best of the summer so far!  We took a short road-trip outside of Austin, Texas for a little family getaway.  It was just the refresher we needed!  Not too far, but far enough that we were able to get in full vacation mode without hearing the dreaded question of "Are we there yet?"

As with most of our getaways...the packing, preparing, and coordinating is no small feat for our family of 6.  The morning before we left, Blake and I were scrambling around trying to get our house tidied up, finish packing, get the dogs off to the boarders, etc.  We didn't have much time to think what the kids might need to eat/do while on the road...we just wanted to get going!  So thankfully, we had a little excursion package sent to us by BabbleBoxx, which was just what our kids needed.  Blakely and Bennett usually color or read in the car, so these Texas-themed books were right up their alley.  In fact, they argued who could do which first!

Once we got on the road, tummies wanted snacks (of course) and it was so great to be able to pass out the Tree Top applesauces pouches (without worrying about a mess, I might add).  Road trip food is so good, but often not-so-good for these snacks were the perfect healthy, no-spill, and packable option.  We try to eat healthy about 80% of the time, so when my kids think these Tree Top applesauce pouches are a special treat, I secretly cheer inside that they love something that has no artificials, no HFCS, no GMO, BPA-free, and are from U.S.A grown apples!  Such a Win-Win for my family!!!

For longer family excursions, we often pick out a movie for the kids to watch or a fun game to play, such as the Alphabet Game.  It helps the time pass, and also keeps us doing something together rather than everyone glued to their individual devices (don't get me wrong, we have a little of that time too). 

I'd love to hear some of YOUR family's road trip traditions or fun ways to pass the time....also, what is YOUR favorite on-the-go snack???

*Because I love sharing family tips that make life easier, I've partnered with on behalf of Tree Top Applesauce on this post.  All opinions are my own.

Weekend Alert | Summer Sales

I don't know about you, but it seems like LOTS of stores on running pretty huge sales right now.  Even Target had amazing steals the other day, such as frames, clothing, and home decor!  This weekend, some online retailers are having pretty decent sales too.  Check out my below guide:

J. Crew - Up to 50% off with code SALESTYLE

H&M - Up to 60% off

West Elm - Up to 70% off (what!!!???)

Old Navy - $1 Flipflops + up to 50% off

Target - BOGO Swimsuits + Lots of Clearance items

Also, just to put on your radar...the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is coming up in a couple of weeks, so stay tuned for my picks.  Every year, it's always the absolute BEST sale and I love how I can get my hands on lots of fall finds for a fraction of the price.  Here's my "tips" from last year's sale if you want to get an idea of the amazing deals and how best to shop the sale!  Happy Weekend!

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Annual Texas Beach Trip | Port Aransas

Each year our family drives 3 hours down to the beach with Blake's side of the family and it's always a great time with cousins, waves, food, and general relaxation.  This year, Tyler Bree went fishing with the boys and had a blast!  Somehow, that girl can catch some fish...every time she goes, she's just got the magic touch.  We also spent lots of time jumping waves, swimming, and hanging out together as an extended family.

For our anniversary, Blake recently got me a new GoPro Hero5, which was definitely broken-in on this trip...check out our little video!

Are you headed to the beach this summer! Where is your favorite!

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End of School | Hello Summer

Today will mark day 7 of summer vacation and I feel like we're not quite in the groove yet...but trying our best to get there.  I've cracked the chore whip and set boundaries for summer screen time...however, our mindset hasn't migrated to the laid-back, easy, cool, summer vibe that I'm anxious to get to.  We waited a LOOOOONG time for end-of-school, so I guess it's just taking a while to RELAX!

This year, the last day of school was rather emotional for me.  I can't put my finger on one specific culprit that caused the tears, but it was some combo of:
  • All 4 of my kids being at the same school this past year (for the first and last time ever)
  • Bennett (my last baby) finishing kinder from the same teacher who taught the 3 girls as well
  • Tyler Bree graduating from elementary
  • And the basic unfairness of time flying by before my eyes

At one point amongst the end-of-school parties, Blake looked directly at me and mouthed, "Pull it together!"  He later told me it was because if I didn't, he thought he might be the one to get emotional.  We're not a very emotional family to begin with, so needless to say, this was a big day for us!

But alas, here we are...looking into next year with a first, second, and fifth grader...and considering homeschooling for our sixth grader.  This last year was definitely one to remember and hold dear to our hearts...I actually consider it somewhat of an anomaly.  But time marches on, babies don't keep, and I'm guess I'm just gonna have to get used to my momma heartstrings being tugged yanked more often. 

Happy Summer Friends!!!!

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