Fist Pump Friday 2.27.15

Yay for Friday!  This week seemed to fly by!  Usually that only happens coming off a super busy weekend....oh wait, yep.  Here's what I'm fist pumping about this cold and dreary (I'm loving it) Friday:

1.  Tonight Blake and I are going to the San Antonio temple...not only a spiritual way to kick off the weekend, but some much needed couple time.  I love getting to attend the temple and the peace I feel when I'm inside...a little bit of heaven on Earth.  This is a photo of the Salt Lake temple I took when we went to General Conference a few years back.

2.  I have a feeling we're looking at one of our last cold blasts here in the ATX.  Boo.  So I'm taking advantage of warm and fuzzy things by making homemade marshmallows and taking delivering them to friends with some hot chocolate!  #GIVE #WordOfTheYear #FistPump  (p.s.  I use Alton Brown's recipe HERE.  No need for candy perfect every time, except of course for the sticky mess if you're not careful!)

3.  My Spring is booking up nicely for photography sessions!  Actually, I have very limited dates open due to a busy family and vacation schedule, so if you're a local and want to snag a spot, contact me asap to ensure availability (March is full, but April and May still have a couple of dates)!  Also, my package info and portfolio can of course be found on my website  Fist Pump! xo!

I hope you're heading into a fabulous weekend ahead!  What are you fist pumping about today?
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Spring/Summer Closet Must-Have: Blush Denim

Blush-colored denim is ALL over the place right now.  Sure there are pastels a-plenty, but that light pink is where it's at this Spring and Summer.  Most of the styles are in the form of slim fit or skinny jeans (like the ones I wore in this post), but if that's not your jam, I've found several other cuts as well, which are shoppable below (just hover over the image for details)!

Also, I've created a Pinterest board for all my Spring/Summer style inspiration, which of course has tons of ways to wear blush colored denim!  Check it out HERE!

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When Life Revolves Around ONE Child

I'm not sure if this is something large families experience occasionally, or if we're just not doing that great of a job making things equal between our kids...but either way, life lately has seemed to revolve around only one of our four children.  It's been the Tyler Bree show for quite some time, and I'm highly aware of the demands it has placed on our other three children.  From less sleep, to waiting in cars, to less attention from me and has been taxing on them and it's just not fair.

^^^ San Antonio Stock Show this past weekend ^^^

This time of year, competition season is just beginning, stock show season is still in full swing, and homeschooling her is a constant presence in the Jansen Family.  We are busy with Tyler Bree stuff to the max.

^^^ Dress rehearsal last weekend ^^^

^^^ Rhinestoning for days...literally. ^^^

^^^ Getting ready for tap rehearsal. ^^^

Being the oldest sibling in my family, I don't remember having to sit through many of my brother's baseball games or extracurricular activities...but I see it often in other families and I know it's just the nature of things...or is it?  Why do I feel so guilty about the three younger ones "sitting on the sidelines" while Tyler Bree does her thing?  I know in reality she's the oldest, therefore, has more opportunities coming her way that the younger ones just aren't yet old enough for (which I'm sure will come soon enough)....But then I ask myself, what could we as parents be doing better right now

Should I ask someone to watch my kids rather than having them sit in the car waiting for an hour or driving to and fro?
(Well no, because we are actually spending time together.)

Should I get them involved in more things so they can have their "moments"?
(We're already so busy.)

Should I homeschool all the kids so we have more time for other things during the day?

Should we cut out one of her activities?
(No, that's not fair to her either.)

I don't have the answers to these questions (yet), but I do know I want to continually be aware of the extracurricular demands placed on all of my children, whether they're influenced directly or not.  This is just the beginning...I know that.  My kids are still young and I probably have no clue what "busy" will look like once all four are involved in this and that.  But I do want to make sure I'm super vigilant in protecting their time, feelings, and well-being when it comes to "supporting" their siblings when it may not be their turn to shine.

In my own personal reflection of "busy-ness", I know I need to cut out some things.  As women, I think I know we stretch ourselves too thin, say yes too often, get our hands in everything we think we can help with, etc.  Even so, realizing that we do this is not enough.  Taking action and eliminating some unnecessary obligations (for me at least) is truly the way to prioritize my family, the gospel, and other relationships first.  Not too long ago I made a priority list and numbered them in order.  I love to refer back to it when I much need a reminder to put first things first.  I challenge you to do the same if you haven't already....sometimes we think our priorities are clear, but when we actually put them to paper, it can be surprising!

Momma poll:  How do you handle this kind of mom guilt when one kid's activities take "center stage"? 

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Smart Style: On the Cusp of Spring

Spring is in the air, isn't it?  Well, more like...I can sense its imminent arrival.  It's always a challenge to dress this time of year, seasonaly speaking.  For me as a Texan, I try to get the most wear out of my winter clothes, because we don't have many cold/wintery days around here and I gotta get my bang for the buck.  So when February comes (which basically is just early Spring for us), I'm torn between still wanting to savor those heavy winter pieces, while also feeling the urge to transition to lighter colors and fabrics.

This outfit serves both desires, as it can be worn in both ways.  I paired it with boots here and layered a light jacket (jacket not pictured so the cool asymmetrical back hem could show) for a more wintery look...but next time I'll probably take it more Spring-like with heels and light scarf.  I love how outfits can work double for me and my closet!  Definitely plan to have these blush jeans on repeat!  Aren't they just the perfect color!?!

{outfit details >>>  top and denim: c/o CAbi, earrings: Nickel & Suede, boots: similar, necklace: ModCloth}

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Fist Pump Friday 2.13.15

Happy Friday Y'all!!!!  Here's what I'm fist-pumping about on this glorious end of a rough week!

1.  Blake tried to surprise me with this little Valentine's gift, but I intercepted the package getting the mail.  And true to form, I couldn't wait until tomorrow to open, so I'm wearing my new Nickel & Suede earrings today!!!!  Fist Pump!  I want some many more colors too!

2.  I feel like I'm coming out the fog from my fall/winter photography burn out and am ready to take on Spring.  I'm currently booking for March, which is making me super excited to hit that reboot button and get to work!  Fist Pump!

3.  Some girlfriends and I booked the cheapest (yet quality) vacation ever to a Mexican beach this coming July.  I won't share too much now, but let's just this is going to be EPIC.  Double Fist Pump!!!!

4.  It's Valentine's Weekend!!!!  I'm looking forward to spending the day tomorrow as a family, making and doing all things Valentines.  I hope you have a FAB one too!!!!  XOXOXOXO

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'Round These Parts

Things have been something else this's been a chaotic mess of sickies, Valentines, and busy schedules.  Is it too early to say I'm ready for summer???

Of course, I do NOT mean summer weather...just the absence of busy-ness.  Repeat...I am NOT ready for the heat.

Bennett has been sick for almost a full dang week.  He's slept in my bed for most of those nights with the nastiest cough I've ever heard...meaning I've gotten loads of blissful sleep.  Not.  I know I should take him in to the doctor, but I'm hoping it will pass...I'm giving him today to improve.  Oh and he so generously gave whatever he has has to his momma....sniff, cough, sneeze, cough, cough.  #momlife

But on the bright side, it's almost Valentine's Day!  We done several of the activities I planned out HERE, but I have a bit more baking/crafting to do before Saturday.  I want to make it really special for the littles!  Yesterday, I told Tyler Bree and Riley to go get dressed up in crazy outfits and we had an impromptu Valentine's photo shoot.  Lots of fun and silly faces!!!!!

*backdrop from PepperLu

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Smart Style: The Perfect Date Night Outfit

Tonight I'm missing bunco (insert here a moment of silence for me please...this momma does NOT like missing her bunco night), for a double date with one of our great friends we've known forever, who just so happens to be recently engaged!  This evening we'll head out to Fixe in Austin for dinner and in planning for it, I got to thinking of what the perfect date night here are my thoughts on the matter.  No hard and fast rules, but some general guidelines to make your date night looks extra "smart"!

>>>Date Night Outfit VIBE >>> A little bit Flirty and a little bit Spicy
Ex:  This lace top brings that flirty, girly vibe, while the metallic heels bring the bit of does the red lipstick.

>>>Date Night Outfit Essentials >>> Heels, a simple low-maintenance clutch, sophisticated jacket/sweater.

>>> The clutch is the ideal accessory as it's so multi-purpose.  It can hold any necessities (who wants to bring along their big ol' mom tote for date night?), can add a pop of color (hello RED!), and gives your hands something to do!

>>> Heels and a sophisticated jacket round out any outfit...both upping the dressiness factor and makes an outfit look well thought-out and on-purpose.  Style Tip:  Contrast a frilly detail (like the lace top) with a structured jacket and masculine sunnies for the ideal balance.

Outfit details >>>
blouse, jacket, denim:  c/o CAbi
heels: JustFab (old), similar here and here
clutch:  Stella & Dot, similar here and here
sunnies: RayBan

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