Fist Pump Friday 3.27.15

Happy Friday Y'all!  Here's what I'm fist-pumping about this week...

1.  Over the past few weeks, I've been in earring heaven.  A new local designer just released a chic line of leather earrings, and I'm completely smitten.  The shop is called Lavish Leathers and her designs can be found on their website HERE, or you can check out some I've worn here on the blog...such as these lovely turquoise ones or the gold and pink ones from this post...also, upcoming designs were recently teased on their Facebook page!  Can you tell I'm a fan!?!

2.  Stay tuned to my Instagram this weekend, as we have Tyler Bree's first dance competition of the season (Remember the "All About One Child" post?  Yep, still in full effect) and I will have officially arrived as a dance mom.  You'll see what I'm talking about.  I'm a full-blown, t-shirt wearing, rhinestoning, hair-spraying, hard core dance mom...pulling along something I never thought I'd ever purchase behind me....and I'm loving it.  Mostly.  ;)

3.  Exactly two weeks from today we leave for our road trip to Florida for our Disney Cruise!  Having gone on one before, we pretty much know what to expect, but I could definitely use any pointers or tips you seasoned cruisers might have to impart on me.  What packing items are a MUST for you when cruising???

Outfit details:
top and pants:  c/o CAbi // Pebble Pant and U-neck Tee
jean jacket:  Gap
wedges:  Toms via Nordstrom
bag:  Michael Kors Jet Set Tote
earrings: c/o Lavish Leathers
sunnies:  Old Navy
necklace:  Rocksbox // use code MRSANDMOMMAXOXO for a free month!

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Smart Style: Jumpsuit + Kimono

How long have jumpsuits been around lately?  (And of course, by "lately", I mean since they've made a re-emergence from the 70's and 80's.)  Let's be generous and say a year...

So in that year, I've seen some really cute jumpsuits (as well as some not-so-cute ones), and thought...I want to try out that look.  I can pull it off....maybe? right?  But it would have to be JUST the right one.  Pulling the trigger on this piece of clothing has not been a quick drawl.  A jumpsuit usually looks really flattering (and elongating) for most, but I wanted to make sure I got it right.

Enter this CAbi jumpsuit from their new "In The Sun" Spring addition.  Not only is it super soft and comfy, but the adjustable straps and drawstring waist allows me to adjust it to fit me just right.  This is truly a versatile piece that can be dressed up with heels or dressed down to wear poolside as a cover-up.  I can't wait to see how many ways I can wear it this season!  Jumpsuits for the win!

Outfit details:
Jumpsuit:  Wrap Romper c/o CAbi
shoes:  Kork-ease
bag:  Madewell via Nordstrom
necklaces: Kendra Scott // Stell & Dot
belt:  c/o Francesca's

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Easy and Delicious Easter Desserts

This year Easter is on my radar early...mainly because Riley's birthday also falls on Easter this year.  BUT, there are also some activities, recipes, and traditions I want to do with our family that requires some prep and planning, and I want to start those before Easter is upon us (T-minus 2 weeks).  As alway, I want my family to celebrate a Christ-centered Easter.  We don't do the Easter bunny, but we do make plenty of desserts and give baskets.  So about those desserts.....

I've mentioned probably no less than 100 times that Easter candy is my weakness.  I mean, SweetTart Jelly Beans just about slay me.  So it's really no wonder that all the cutesy Easter desserts are begging me to make them at my earliest convenience, also.  Assuming I've got some fellow sweet-lovers out there, I've rounded up 10 of the easiest and most adorable Easter desserts you can start making for your family NOW.  From Muddy Buddies, to Bunny Cupcakes, to Easter Blondies...there's a recipe for everyone!

Now, I've just got to decide which to make first!!!!

1.  Easter Egg Dessert Tray

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Surprise Party

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, we threw my mom a little surprise birthday party last weekend at my aunt and uncle's lakehouse on Lake LBJ.  We always love going out there, so getting my mom on board to have a little "mother/daughter birthday getaway" wasn't the least bit hard.  She thought we were just going out for a night and it would be pretty low-key.

While we were out on a boat ride, everyone showed up and got ready for the big surprise.  I was furiously texting back and forth on the down low making sure everything would be timed right....and thankfully, it did!!!!  She was so truly surprised and loved it!

And do you know what?  I think I've got myself a new motto that I'll share with you:

I believe EVERYONE should be thrown a surprise birthday party at least ONCE in their life!

Hopefully in the future, I can make this statement true for loved ones in my life.  There aren't many other ways for a big group of friends and family to make one feel most special.  

Have YOU ever had a surprise party thrown in your honor?

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Smart Style: Stripes & Leopard

Happy Spring Break!!!!  Spring has sprung and it's glorious!  I know I talk a big talk about loving cold weather (and despising everything else), but's hard to beat a crisp morning that blossoms into a clear, cool, beautiful day!  

This striped tee is on repeat and I'm not sorry about it.  Mainly because I just snagged another (almost identical one) from Old Navy this morning, and I think I may have a little obsession...Hello my name is Kristen, and I'm a striped tee addict.

This week, we're doing dance intensives for Tyler Bree, headed to H-Town tomorrow for the Houston stock show, and then turn around and head back to Houston again this weekend for a wedding (it's formal attire and I have NOTHING to wear!!!).  Spring Break sure filled up with a bunch of little things that prevented us from going anywhere special, so I'm hoping we can make Houston kind of a getaway of sorts for the kids.  Definitely for the girls at least, as their entire goal for the trip is to step inside the American Girl store...aka, "heaven" for little girls and "money pit" for adults.

What are your plans for Spring Break???  I hope it's a great one!!!!  XOXO!

Outfit Details:
skirt: c/o CAbi
striped tee: Target
kimono: similar // similar
wedges: Toms (via Nordstrom)
necklace/bracelet: Stella & Dot
earrings: handmade (email me for details)

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Smart Style {Long Sweater}

Hi-ya friends!  Are you feeling as sluggish this post-DST Monday as I am?  Sheesh...the gloomy weather doesn't help.  I can hear my bed calling my name,
"Kriiiiiiiiiiiiiisten.  Come baaaaaaaaack to meeeeeeeeee."  

So I've got to tell you about the newest addition to join my closet.  I rarely go to the hardly EVER.  But last week I found myself with some time to kill and I just so happened to be near the mall.  SO, into Forever 21 I went.  I'm not a huge fan of F21, but when in I'm on the prowl for some cute cruise-wear (t minus 1 month!).

While I was in there, nothing really caught my attention until I spotted several racks of similar long sweaters.  They were all gray, but cut differently.  Telling myself they'd only make my legs look short, I went ahead and tried one on to prove myself right.  To my surprise, it not only fell perfectly and was the ideal length, but it didn't make my legs looker short...imagine that!  If anything, it was somewhat elongating!  WHAT?!?  A mere $20 later, that baby was heading home with me and thrown into an outfit as fast as it could.  Seriously, I wore it both Saturday to bunco AND to church on Sunday.  Normally I would say a piece like this can't be worn too often because it's fairly unique and memorable....

But watch me. (mic drop)

Outfit details:
shirt and skirt and booties // Target
sweater // F21 // EXACT
bag and watch // Michael Kors
earrings // Kendra Scott
necklace // c/o Rocksbox
ring // c/o InPink

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Fist Pump Friday 3.6.15

Happy Fist Pump Friday Y'all!!!!  Here's the happenings....

1.  Last night I had my first ever experience at a Brazilian steakhouse!  I've always wanted to go and when I got the chance to visit Estancia Churrascaria (in the Arboretum for you locals), I jumped at it!  We had the BEST service and the food was super yummy.  The biggest surprise was the amazing salad bar....what veggie, cheese, and salad dreams are made of!  Fist Pump!

2.  Also, I really appreciated getting out of the house last night.  We had an "ice day" here (all schools cancelled and Blake's work too), but it turned out being a perfectly clear and beautiful (albeit freezing) day.  Better safe than sorry I's just the pits that kids have to make the day up on Memorial Day.  Boo.  Anyway, it was literally a breath of fresh air getting out and about with my main man!  Both an excuse to get dressed up a bit and to spend some quality time with him.  Fist pump!

3.  I don't know if there are many things more fist pump worthy than an 80's themed bunco night.  I can't wait to see what craziness I can do with my hair.  I'm lacking in the 80's clothing department, so we'll see...but however my look turns out, it'll be sure to be a memorable night!  Fist pump!

Outfit details:
shirt:  Target (exact)
jeans:  Level 99 Liza Skinny Jean
jacket:  c/o CAbi Shrunken Blazer
earring/necklace:  c/o Rocksbox
boots:  Target (exact)
bag:  Michael Kors Jet Set Tote
coat:  Nordstrom (similar)

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