Shoe Edit: 8 Must Haves for Summer

It's pretty hard to be believe summer style is already on the mind, but friends let me tell ya' in Texas, summer starts right about now.  When it's scorching hot, sometimes we tend to just reach for the easy footwear like flip-flops (guilty here), but there are loads of other cute options that are just as cool and easy.  Okay well...maybe not as easy as flip-flops, but definitely more stylish and will up your outfit a few notches.

While normally when I do a "must-have" or round-up list, I usually own most of the items already...and thus can recommend them because I know for a fact that they're pretty great.  But this time around, I only have two of the below must-have shoes for the summer (no. 2 and 6) and am deciding on which of the others I need to get first.  You really can't go wrong with a classic espadrille, a strappy black heel, and a casual sandal for summer...but here are a full EIGHT pairs that I'm in love with for Summer of 2017!

(Of course, they can be worn well into fall, too!)

>>> Click on each image above or on the links below to shop: 

1. Black Crisscross Sandal // Nordstrom

2.  Espadrille Wedge Sandal (hottest wedge of the season) // Nordstrom

3.  Assymetrical Sandal // Nordstrom (Free People)

4.  Block Heel Sandal // Target

5.  Leopard Slip-on Sneaker // Nordstrom

6.  Red Tennis Shoes // Finish Line (Nike on sale)

7.  Strappy Sandal // Nordstrom Rack

8.  Nude Pump // Nordstrom

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Stock Show 2017

This year's stock show was something else!  My two oldest girls, Tyler Bree and Riley, showed rabbit meat pens and entered homeskills projects of baked goods and photography.  Being our second year of rabbits, we still don't know that much about them.  Over the course of the month leading up to the show, we had two die...not good.  We also keep them in our garage, which I'm pretty sure is against our HOA.  Shhh, don't tell.

For the baked goods, we chose to submit yeast breads...cinnamon rolls and kolaches.  In hindsight, this was way more work than it was worth.  In looking at what won, we could have totally eased up on the difficulty factor.  I mean, we've been working on perfecting that kolache recipe for months now.  They sure are good tho!

And as for the photography projects, we were absolutely floored when we found out that BOTH girls won Grand Champion!!!!  Riley was in the junior division and Tyler Bree was it was literally a win-win!!!  Thankfully, they were both able to enjoy the fruits of their hard work.  We had said that this was the most they've worked on their photos, so most likely, nothing would come of it. ;)  What's even cooler is that both of the girls' pictures that won were photos of our new puppy Margo.  I posted all of the photos they submitted over on my facebook page if you want to take a look.

All in all, it was a good year for the girls.  We'll probably do rabbits again, maybe food, and definitely photography!!!  Until next year!

^^^ Chillin' during the LOOOOOONG rabbit show. ^^^

^^^ Pretty sure her rabbit made the sale celebratory high-five. ^^^

^^^ Tyler Bree in the sale for her photo, with help from her cousin. ^^^

^^^ Already starting on those thank-you notes. ^^^

^^^ Riley receiving her Grand Champion banner and plaque. ^^^

^^^ Sometimes being a little brother is boring. ^^^

^^^ Riley in the sale with her photography, assisted by Tyler Bree. ^^^

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Momma Style | Striped Ruffles

top: J. Crew // jeans: Old Navy // necklace: J. Crew // earrings: Lavish Leathers // boots: Target (old) // clutch: Clare V

Happy Friday friends!!!  Are you ready for the weekend???  This week seemed to fly by, as does this vague time in January.  It's after the holidays, a sense of routine and normalcy has returned...and I feel we're in that "no-man's-land" of the beginning of the year.  Anyone know what I mean?  I think we all do best when we have something to look forward to...whether that's the next holiday, a vacation, a pedicure, or what have you.  That's where I am right things to look forward to and I just need to set some goals for myself. ;)

I think I'll put together a goal post soon, but for today, I want to share this darling J.Crew top my momma gave me for Christmas.  I've had my eye on it and loved when I tried it on and it fit!!!  Not fit meaning the right size, but fit as in layed right and didn't look too boxy.  Right now, it's 20% off at both Nordstrom and at J. Crew.  I styled it with simple skinny jeans, but am looking for a pink or navy pencil skirt to pair it with...Lots of possibilities for this top!!!

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!!!  For those in the winter storm, stay warm and safe!

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Utah Family Ski Vacation

Happy New Year Friends!!!  How the heck are ya'?  After taking pretty much the entire month of December off, it's good to be back.  We've had quite the eventful last couple of weeks and it's so refreshing to start anew and look forward to a new year!

The week before Christmas, we headed up to Utah for some skiing, sledding, tubing, Christmas activities, and much more.  We were up there for about a week and had a blast.  Being around snow during Christmastime made it seem so much more festive, you know?  (Side eye to Texas weather in the high 70s.)

Check out our tubing video and some of the pictures from our trip.  Lots were taken with my iphone, so I might do another post with those once I upload them...but who ever does that anymore, right? ;)

Out of all the ski resorts within 30 minutes of where we stayed in Utah, we chose to ski/ride at Brighton Resort.  Brighton was very reasonably priced and pretty easy to navigate in terms of rentals, lift tickets, ski school, etc.  The two youngest took a half day of lessons and the two big girls remembered their last two times skiing pretty well, so didn't do school.  I was so impressed with the ski school and instructors...those people are saints!  Brighton was also really accessible in terms of driving up into the mountains, rather than staying there.  In other words, it's not a huge resort like a Park City or Vail would be.  Simple and perfect for all of our skiing abilities.

How did you spend YOUR holidays???

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Holiday Birthday Celebration | Christmas Cookies

With all the craziness of the holiday season, Blakely's birthday sometimes seems to get neglected a bit.  This year on her birthday we debarked our Disney cruise in the morning, drove home, and finished the day with a Christmas/Birthday party at my in-law's.  The cookie decorating is a Christmas tradition that the kids look forward to every year.  We all had a great time and I think Blakely felt special on her big day.  She was thrilled to get an electric scooter (which now all the other 3 are putting on their list for Santa)!

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Disney Cruise Video | 2016

Hi Friends!!!!  We are still recovering from being back in the "real world" after a week off for Thanksgiving, followed immediately by our week-long "Merry-Time" Disney cruise!  This was our third Disney Cruise and was the BEST YET!  We made so many great family memories and got to experience lots of new things we hadn't seen/done before when cruising with Disney.  I'll write up an official "review & favorites" post later, but for now, check out our video will all the highlights!
(Fair warning: It's a tad lengthy.)

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Holiday Themed Gift Ideas

Happy Thanksgiving Friends!!!  Before we're off for some Turkey-bowl, yummy food and family time...and of course, some parade-watching...I wanted to jump start your holiday cheer today!  (As if it wasn't already going strong.)  I've pulled together quite a few little Christmas-themed items that will make December even MORE holly and jolly!!!

Also, make sure to follow me over on my Facebook page and Twitter, where I'll be sharing all sorts of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals and steals I come across.  If you're like me, this is a great opportunity to snag some gifts and catch up a bit (I'm totally a slacker when it comes to planning ahead gift-wise).  I wish all of you and your families a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Gobble, Gobble!!!


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