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Generous Thoughts

It came to me the other night when nursing my baby, (as do many ponderous thoughts during that quiet time of evening), the remembrance of little things my friends and family have done for me, of which they may never know how great of an impact they made.  Sitting there in the dark rocking my little guy, I was reminded of the quote,

"Never suppress a generous thought."

I've always seemed to hang onto this quote, as there are often times when I am prompted to do something specific for another person...maybe even a simple call to say hello.  I don't always, but I really try my best to act on these thoughts (rather than suppress them), mainly because I have known and experienced just how deeply I've been touched by kind acts towards myself.

A few of these I thought I'd share...

-One winter day a couple of years ago, there was an imminent freeze in the forecast (which is not super common around these parts).  I was home with my then three children (one a newborn), when I saw some one walking around to the back of our house.  A little alarmed, I took a closer peek out the window only to discover my dad wrapping up all our outdoor faucets in preparation for the freeze.  I had been thinking we needed to do that, but had never actually told anyone.  My dad is one of the kindest people I know....this is only a small sampling of the generous acts of love from him.

-After just delivering my fourth baby, when everything was settling down from the hustle and bustle, all of my family left the hospital for one reason or another (food-run, naps for my other children, etc).  I was still in the birthing room and was waiting to be transferred to my postpartum room.  My sister-in-law stayed with me for the entire time (which was several hours), to keep me company and make sure I was settled in okay.  It was never a "I'll stay with her" or "Who's going to stay here with Kristen?".....she just hung back for a while and was the only one left.  I've thanked her for this before, but I don't think she'll ever know just how much that meant to me.  I will always remember those special first few hours after my son was born, and that she shared that time with me and him...the three of us.

-Between having my second and third children, I miscarried late in my first trimester.  I still had two children at home (such a blessing), but having to resume my mothering responsibilities right after my D&C was disheartening to say the least.  The next morning, one of my good friends showed up unannounced with my favorite kolaches in hand and was just there.  I couldn't really talk about it then without my tougue swelling, but it didn't matter.  She was just there.  That's all.  Again, I don't think she'll ever know how much that meant (means) to me.  I'm eternally grateful that she didn't suppress that generous thought to come visit a friend.

You never know when or how much the little things will matter to others.  I doubt any of the above examples were thought of as doing a remarkable favor or something extraordinarily nice for me....

But little did they know.

The Mrs. & The Momma

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