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Blogging Goals {November Blogathon}

Well friends, this post almost didn't happen...better late than never here at 7:36pm.

Today's November Blogathon prompt is all about blogging goals.  I love that I'm having to actually make some new ones, as it's been a while.  Blogging is something I'll probably always do no matter what, but sometimes it becomes more or less of a priority for me (remember my minimally posted summer?).   So here's three blogging goals of mine that I hope to follow through with this coming year to not only make my blog better, but to push myself creatively.

1.  Create more unique content.  I've said this before, but a while back it seemed as if I lost my blogging mojo.  What I've come to realize is that life just got freakin' busy and my mind lost its ability or will to utilize this creative outlet.  After blogging for four years, burnout is nothing new...however, I want to revamp my way of thinking/writing/doing with this here blog of mine!

2.  Manage my time more wisely.   This mainly comes in the form of interactions with both readers and brands via social media, as we all know it's a huge time sucker.  I'm setting a goal to take advantage of scheduling posts.  I'm sure many of you are rolling your eyes with a big, DUH, so just bless my heart and send me some good time management vibes.  :)

3.  Write more style and Austin-based posts.  I feel like lifestyle blogs really don't fit into a niche of their own because their content is basically about anything and everything...BUT, I have a couple of niches I can fill within that broad "lifestyle" label.  One is thirty-something style for women (because it's certainly a transitional phase from our "twenties style" that takes some of us years to nail down), and a second niche would be life here in Austin, Texas...a city so vibrant, popular, and intriguing for families of which I believe tons of people are interested.

skirt (exact) and booties // Target
top (option) // Kohl's
jacket (option) // CAbi
necklace (exact) // Kendra Scott *STYLE MUST-HAVE
bag (exact) // Madewell *STYLE MUST-HAVE


Shop this look:

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  1. If I lived in Austin, I'd so let you be my stylist! :) I would never thing to pair a brown bag with black shoes. See? I am in an antique-minded rut! Historical ideas about fashion. Patterns scare me. What a great outfit! And yes, Austin is such a different mindset, style and vibe altogether! We're about to play a school from Austin on Friday in the district semi-finals in football! :)

  2. love your goals!! and that outfit is to die for :)

  3. LOVE this look! And your goals seem managable! Get it!


  4. Scheduling posts saves my butt! Good luck with your goals, I'm excited to see you reach them!



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