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Hair Tutorial: Curling a Short Bob

>>> UPDATE: As I now have a pixie cut, I've posted my styling tips and product favorites for my new 'do HERE if you're looking for a more cropped cut tutorial.

After having several people ask me how I do my hair curly (with this short bob of mine), I thought I'd do a little video on how it's done.  Styling my hair like this not only helps disguise the thinness of it, but also allows me to stretch a washing out several days...doing my civic duty to conserve water. (wink, wink)

Please ignore the vertical Blair Witch style video skills , as well as my husband's pajama pants.  :)  Oh, and when I say "DIY" I mean "tutorial."

To add to what I mentioned about product, here's what I use:

Aquage Uplifting Foam///Treseme Tres Two Hair Spray///Suave Dry Shampoo

Do you have any tips on curling short hair?
What tools/products are your favorite?

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