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Blast This Christmas Music...It's Joyful AND Triumphant

I used to loathe Christmas music.  I mean, could not stand it.

Then my senior year in college...something happened to my psyche that Christmas season when studying for finals.  I had somehow come to own the Charlie Brown Christmas CD (that's another story) and found the jazzyness very soothing and condusive for my study habits.  And basically, the rest is history.
I have no idea how the complete 180 happened...but it sure did.  Nowadays, Charlie Brown is on repeat in the car beginning pretty much the day after Halloween.  No lie.  And don't get me started about my favorite Pandora holiday stations that fill the walls of our home every waking hour.

Okay can get me started 'cause I'm already started!  Here's my top 3:

1.  Michael Buble Holiday:  the classic, good stuff perfect for a party
2.  Martina McBride Holiday:  a good mix of all current xmas music
3.  Charlie Brown Theme:  mostly instrumental, good background music

My girls and I decided to hold our holiday bake sale for the Diaper Drive this Saturday.  I think I might be a bit over-ambitious in terms of what we plan to make, but who cares....we'll make it work, even if this momma has to stay up all night wrapping's most definitely worth it.

Here's what we plan to make:

-Peppermint Bark Popcorn
-Cinnamon Caramel Corn (we sold out of this stuff last year in no time flat)
-Special K Bars with Nutella (the added Nutella is of my own genius)
-Soft Caramels (one of my good friends makes these every Christmas and they're heavenly....thankfully I have her recipe)
-Cinammon Rolls (this is a no-fail recipe...I don't use P-dub's icing, though)
-Oversized Cookies (using the left-over M&Ms)
-Candy Cane Brownie Lollipops (great to take to a holiday get together)

I'll make sure to post pictures and report how it goes.
Thank you SO much to all who have already donated.
Please see HERE if you'd like to learn how you can contribute to the Diaper Drive.

With Love and Bows of Holly,
The Mrs. & The Momma

p.s.  There's only one more day to enter this giveaway of a Kiki La'Rue scarf, Target gift card, Simply Just Lovely store credit and lots of ad space!
The Mrs. & The Momma

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  1. Yum! Those candy cane brownie lollipops look delish!



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