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The Method to My {Candy} Madness

Well, after throwing away TONS of it (suckers and the crappy junk), I couldn't bring myself to trash the good stuff.  It would be such a waste of solid, teeth-rotting sugar.  Don't you agree?

So I decided to get a little organized.  I know....who AM I???

This is the breakdown:

-I always see recipes for M&Ms (like this reDONKulous popcorn cake) but never have them.  Problem solved.
-And Skittles are my new counting medium for my (almost) three year old's preschool math.

-What better, non-mess-making candy to take along than Smarties for those times when Momma is in a pinch?  Doctors office, grocery store, bribing.
-There are really no words needed to explain the bag on the right.  Momma's stash.  Need I say more?

-Daddy is a fan of these babies, however, I also have some good recipes that call for Reeses PB cups, so I might just go ahead and save the hubs some calories.
-I'm not a fan of Starbursts.  Horrible for the teeth.  But once in a while won't bring any cavities and I think they're the perfect little lunch box treat to surprise my two school-age girls.  Upon further thought...I might throw out all the yellows....because really.

If you're still waist deep in Halloween candy, feel free to employ my method.  I can't promise you won't gain weight by keeping all this candy around, but at least you'll feel better that it's organized and assigned a "job".

Because every candy needs a purpose.  Even if it's job is to go straight to my thighs.

The Mrs. & The Momma

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