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The Third Girl

This Texas non-winter of ours is just killing me.  I know I complain a lot about our weather, but just to put it in perspective for you....

Three years ago yesterday, it was snowing.  SNOWING.  Today, we had a high of  80 degrees.  Really?!?

I know for a fact that it snowed three years ago because I watched it falling outside my hospital window after giving birth to this little firecracker.

***I'm currently resisting the urge to post lots of baby pictures of her.  She was my prettiest baby.  As my grandmother says, "all babies are precious, but not all are beautiful."  This quote actually originated when both my grandmothers came to see me (their first grandchild) at the hospital.  They agreed that if I wasn't very pretty, they would say, "Oh she's so precious!"  Ha!  

Anyway, back to the birthday girl.  She requested ear piercing for her gift, which I'd consider a HUGE success.  All she said was, "Ow, that hurt."  No tears.

This past weekend, we celebrated with a little family party at the park.
My kids can't take a serious picture.

The wind kept blowing out her candle...but one of the times it blew it out, she thought she actually did it, so we called it good.

All four of my kids swinging in the same picture!
At three years old, this daughter of mine definitely holds her own in our family.  My husband and I joke that she's really "the boss" around here.  But then, we're kinda serious at the same time.

She's a special little spirit, this one.

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  1. I feel ya! It's almost as if you could be talking about my Finley. It's trying, and I'm scared. We both are. But they are so darn cute. Lol. Xo



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