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Hot Chocolate Date

If we were having coffee, er I mean hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows and cinnamon, together today....

I would most likely be talking your ear off about all the balls I currently have up the in air.  And I would probably want to know your input on how to manage it all.  I would also mention that I cleaned up the background specifically for this vlog, however, the rest of my house is pretty unsightly.
(there.  now you know my dark secret.)

Linking up with  Rags To Stitches


>>>Here's the link to the daily Christmas Countdown Scriptures I mentioned in the vlog.

>>>And here's the link to my Diaper Drive post (I also mentioned).  Please pass this along if it touches your heart as it does mine.  It's running until December 12th (5 more days).

Happy Friday y'all!  We've got fun things here on the blog coming up next week!  See you soon!

The Mrs. & The Momma

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