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A Cause That Burns My Heart

For the past 2 years, I've held a diaper drive to help low-income families, specifically those in an Austin women's shelter.  It all started when I read an article about babies in poverty or from needy families often have to wear ONE diaper for an ENTIRE day, resulting in possible heath issues such as hepatitis, as well as other risks including abuse and the continuation of the poverty cycle due to parents not being able to work because they can't afford the diapers a daycare requires.

Can you even imagine???!!!

It also explained that WIC and welfare do not cover diapers.  I was appalled to learn this, as it is inexcusable for a baby to have to sit in a dirty diaper for that long, much less have to endure the circumstances that are not their fault.  It makes my heart hurt even thinking about it.  The families in this shelter have many more serious problems than simply not being able to afford diapers, however, it struck a chord in my heart that I wanted to help these helpless babies in any way I could.  There are so many life-long repercussions to a child's needs going unmet.  If they're sitting in a wet or soiled diaper, how can they learn trust?
Last year, we took it a step further and involved my two oldest girls who raised money through a bake sale.  They raised over $50 that was used to buy diapers...which we know doesn't buy many...but still, we were pretty proud of their effort.

This year, I feel just as strongly about this cause, if not more, and am aware of the platform this blog has given me to reach others that may feel touched to give assistance.  Being our third drive and since it's close to the holidays, I'd like to change it up a little bit by adding several other ways people can help:

>>>ALL proceeds from sponsoring my blog will go towards buying diapers and helping needy families at the women's shelter this holiday season.  See what sponsor packages I offer HERE.

>>>You can make a monetary donation here on The Mrs. & The Momma.  Any amount you can give helps, no matter how small.
>>>My girls and I will also be doing another bake sale, but this time we're going to step it up a notch.  All the baked goods will be Holiday themed and can be given as gifts....think pretty packages of cinnamon rolls, peppermint bark, fudge, etc.

>>>If you're local, you can donate through the above widget, drop diapers off at my house and/or come to our bake sale.

*The drive will run until December 12

Most of all, I would truly and greatly appreciate you getting the word out.  Even if you're not in the Austin area (which I assume most of your are not), your donation will go towards this cause that really has no boundaries.

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  1. Would love to contribute!! I will drop off some diapers at your house. Any particular sizes?



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