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Dance Recital Diaries

After a whirlwind of a week, I'm thankfully able to breathe a bit before the next round of craziness starts.  Recital week went off without a hitch, mostly thanks to my mom and Blake, as I was having to split time between it and a church youth conference.

Being the crazy time that it was, I really wasn't able to catch many photos of the girls, but thankfully I snapped some at Riley's dress rehearsal.  She only had one routine (acro), while Tyler Bree performed multiple dances in in 6 recitals.  If that sounds nuts, it is...but what I've learned is that recital is pretty chill compared to the madness of quick competition changes and the stress that accompanies performance expectations.  So really, our schedule may have been busy, but the time I was able to be at the recitals was quite enjoyable.

We still have Nationals coming up in July...there's really no off-season.  And now, 8 years into this dance thing and 2 years into competitive dance, the momma who wrote this post is now almost unrecognizable. 


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