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May The 4th Be With You: B's Birthday

Oh how sweet that little face is!  Seriously, this kid melts my heart on the daily.  It's hard to believe I gave birth to him (the roughest delivery of all the kids) just four short years ago, but here we are celebrating with him Star Wars style.

Of course, he wanted to do a Star Wars themed party...but he really has no friends and we don't do big parties until they're a little older, so we decided on a simple family get-together at my in-laws...which was perfect.

^^^ Baseball with his only boy cousin...until late summer. ^^^

^^^ Chasing cousins ^^^

^^^ Opening gifts...Daddy reading him a card.  Clearly, he's hanging on every word. ^^^

^^^ Big blowout!  Luke Skywalker cupcake topper not pictured. :) ^^^

^^^ Star Wars nerds.  Blakely and I were the outcasts. ^^^

^^^ We found this Luke Skywalker costume in our Halloween box and it could not have made him happier! ^^^

Tyler Bree went through a similar Star Wars obsession around the age of 6, and she also had a themed party.  We went a little bigger with that one, so if you're thinking along those lines, there are so many easy ideas on Pinterest!

This kid lights up our lives.  He sisters love him so much and have just as much difficulty dealing with his rapid aging as I do.  I guess he'll always be their "baby".  Happy Birthday B-Man!

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  1. Casual birthday parties with family are the best! This looks so fun. I can't believe he's 4! And I'm so glad to see other little kids as Star Wars fans...mine are obsessed!!



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