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County Stock Show 2016

Our county stock show has come and gone and was busy!  This year, my two oldest girls entered projects in home skills and rabbits.  No pigs this year.  Rabbits were a learning experience being our first year, but were fairly easy as we kept them in our garage (shhhh, don't tell anyone) and we only had them a month prior.  And thankfully, the girls didn't get attached to them like they did with the pigs last year.  The key is to not name ;)

With the homeskills projects, they both submitted a baked good each and several photography projects.  Tyler Bree took home grand champion junior photography, which we were super excited for her...2 years in a row!  Riley's photos did really well too.  Here are some of theirs below...
(and here's a recap of last year's show)

I think we'll definitely try out rabbits again next year, as well as more submissions with home skills.  It's a great learning experience for the kids and they truly worked hard this year on each of their projects!  We are proud of them both!

p.s.  I tried doing a Periscope during the sale auction titled "What Texans Do For Fun" but I didn't have a good connection.  Anyways, it always gives me the giggles to think what non-Texas think of us...this was a pretty great example of country-folk at its core.  ;)

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