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Smart Style: Tulle Well

sweater: Banana Rebulic, skirt: Shabby Apple, necklace: Stella & Dot, earrings and ring: Kendra Scott, heels: Target, glasses: Bonlook

Hey, so I know you don't even recognize this blog right now, but this is what you call an OUTFIT POST.  Yeah, I was just as surprised as you are.  This girl actually got properly dressed.  Whoa.  This kind of business hasn't been seen here in ages, so I'll let 'cha have a sec to get caught up.
Okay, moving on.

I've decided I want to find more opportunities to wear this tulle skirt, but for my shape, it seems as if I can only wear tucked in shirts to avoid a shapeless figure.  With this exact outfit, I tried pairing a cropped blazer, but then my waist disappeared and I looked like an oversized loofah sponge.  Anyone else have this trouble with voluminous skirts?
Suggestions welcome.

What do you have going on this last week of January?
January just seems never ending to me each year.  Part of me wants to hang on to our winter (because nearly mid-February it's over here in Texas), but the other part of me wants it to be over already just so we can move on with our year.  Love/hate relationships with months are just the worst kind, aren't they?  ;)

Oh, a few of you have asked about an update to this post and my general sickies, so I'd like to say that I'm feeling much better...just nursing a fractured rib I found out about last week (from coughing).  Thanks for thinking of me.
In related news, have you heard of Vicoprofin???

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  1. Love the tulle skirt, you look fantastic!!!

  2. I am OBSESSED with that skirt!!! :)

  3. Loving that skirt! I have the same issues with full skirts, I have to style it exactly like you by tucking in a shirt. You COULD put a midi top with it if you were really daring (which I am not;)

  4. I am DYING for a tulle skirt- this one is so perfect. I adore it.



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