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Life Journaling: A List

I know I've said enough about being sick, but I feel like I need to explain my absence.  My flu turned into pneumonia, from which I'm still recovering.  This sickness has really knocked me down and I'm sorry my blog has suffered...if in fact you come here on the daily expected new posts.

Today, as with most days lately, I'm not inspired to write, nor have anything I feel blogworthy.  My this is, however, my own journal of sorts, so I think I'll make a little list of what we have going on in our lives...on a personal document this little ol' life of ours.
(Lists make me happy.)

1.  Stock show this week=busy.  Blake is a board member, so he'll be gone from today on.  Friday, I'll take the kids to see the pig show, which will be interesting as the temperature will be in the 20's!
2.  Our dog can't open her eyes and I'm on the fence as to whether to take her in.  Trying to avoid expensive vet bills, but I know that I'll probably make an appointment tomorrow.
3.  There's a small chance we may be moving out of our house in a month.  Whaaaaattt?
4.  One of my good friends is threatening me to get better asap...a group of us are going on a cruise in 2 weeks and being sick just won't be allowed.  :)
5.  I'm thinking of putting our 4 year old in soccer this spring.  We attempted this venture with the two big girls a while back, which only resulted in crying and we swore never again.  But Blakely I think could handle...maybe even  Plus little munchkins in shin guards make my heart melt.

 Hey Mike, Mike, Mike...What day is it???

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  1. It turned into pneumonia??!?!? Bless your heart, my friend!! I hope you're feeling better today...are you?! You have to go on that cruise!

  2. Hope you are doing alright! I keep coming back to see if there is another update...this pneumonia/H1N1 nastiness is really bad this year!...I have been worried about you. Lifting up prayers of healing for your little body...and prayers that nobody else in your family contracts it! Blessings! :)



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