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A Hump Day List

1.  I've eluded to having my plate pretty full lately, right?  Well, I thought I'd let you in on one of my other projects I'm busy with these days.  I've recently taken on the job of event manager for Austin Moms Blog and am in the trenches, so to speak, of planning our very first official Moms Night Out next Thursday.  It's taken a lot of my time, but I'm excited for this opportunity and the possibilities it brings!  And if you're in the Austin area, please buy your tickets and show your pretty face there! I promise it will be worth it!

2.  Speaking of projects, the Caring For The Cranes benefit is this Saturday.  We have our last meeting today and I'm so proud of the efforts and love that people....strangers even...have put towards this family's cause.  Because of the money raised so far (not even taking into account what we'll make at the benefit), the Crane mom will be able to quit her job and solely focus on her children in need.  What a blessing that is for them!

3.  I've positively decided I absolutely love having a full schedule booked with my photography business (another item on my plate).  I know that this time of year is the "busy season" for sessions, but feel like I'm truly settling into my passion and talent, so hopefully this trend can continue year-round.
(Below: A recent family session I did...they were so cute!)

4.  I'm still wanting pining over some red booties.  Particularly these from Sole Society.  Did I mention I'm on a shopping freeze?  For myself, that is....because if that weren't the case, my family would be out of luck for Christmas presents.  So yeah, if someone wants to just send those to me, I'll consider it an early Christmas gift and we can be best friends...and possibly put you in my will.  I'm a size 8.  :)

5.  Oh and do you know what????  News flash, it's mid-November y'all!  How on Earth did it get to be half way through the month already???  What this means to me is that I'm severely behind in the Christmas on the verge on panic.  No decor up yet, not a single gift bought...or thought of for that matter (although I think I get points for starting my yearly spreadsheet), and I am needing to get on the Christmas card picture taking ball asap.
Come on Kristen, get it together.

What kind of progress have you made on your Christmas to-do list???
Please tell me you haven't made any and I'll feel better about myself.

*Psst....If you're a fan of Christmas music (I, myself, am a recovering Christmas music antagonist, so I totally get it if you're not)...check out my favorite Pandora Christmas stations HERE.

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  1. How fun does that event look????


  2. I wish someone would do something like this in Oklahoma!

  3. You are so stinkin busy, but such a trooper! So happy all these wonderful things are happening in your life!



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