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A JT Surprise

Happy Monday!  How was your weekend?

Ours was pretty eventful between Tyler Bree's baptism and birthday party.  I'll post more about those later, but allow me to share a highlight that pretty much made my life!  My sister-in-law surprised me with something we had discussed a few months back, but I had told her in wasn't really possible for me to go.

It's clear from the video I was absolutely shocked!

This (below) is what I'm reading in the SIL is one clever gal, don't you think???  I especially love that she made it like a sponsorship proposal from "GR8SIL, Inc,"!  So creative!

In addition, she also took a cue from my own DIY and packaged the surprise with this JT glitter canvas!

Thank you, D for such a wonderful surprise!  I cannot wait until December!!!!  We're going to have SO much fun!!!
And don't you worry...those 20-somethings will have nothing on us!

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  1. Oh my gosh!!!!! This is so awesome. I love what "each person will provide". I'm so excited for you!!



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