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As I promised Monday (also know as the post solely devoted to the ladies man), here's a little recap of our weekend in Houston.  Our whole family (my husband's side) went to visit his sister and her husband in H-town.  There was quite a few of us, but it worked out to be a great trip.  They were so gracious to host us in their beautiful new home...especially considering the six kids we brought with us!

Saturday was spent sitting outside doing pretty much nothing, going to the American Girl store, and some shopping for us women!

Tyler Bree sitting in the back of the burb perusing her new American Girl catalog...this book hasn't left her hands since.
She's obsessed.

Blakely posing for the camera (left) and basically the opposite of that (right).

Outside the American Girl store.  They were in absolute heaven!  I never knew what a big deal all this AG stuff is.  Sheesh!!!!

Can you see the awe in their faces? 

Like I said...obsessed.

Sunday morning we went to the Houston zoo.  All fourteen of us!  We got through that place like in, saw everything we wanted, and got out...all in just 2 hours!  I'd say that's pretty remarkable considering our large group.  

Can you tell which one is which?
(leopard on right and jaguar on left)

Riley and Tyler Bree with their cousin watching the Elephants.  We got to see them being bathed.  It was so interesting and adorable....and the little fingers on their trunks make me's like it has a mind of its own.

Well HELLO Melman!!!  I guess he was visiting from the NYC zoo.  :)  Where's Gloria?

Can you see the chimp?  He was checking her out for sure.  I wonder what goes through their minds...
How can I throw poop at those annoying girls staring at me???

Even though it was a quick trip, it was sure nice to get away one more time before the hectic and busy school year gets underway.  I'm really going to miss this summer schedule....and sleeping-in 'till 8:30 (which is when Curious George is over and they come wake me)....and doing whatever we want to....and all 4 of my kids napping everyday.  Yes, even my oldest still naps.

Goodbye summer.
I'll miss you and your glorious unstructured life.
So go ahead and tell Fall she's all clear to make her entrance...
I'm over your heat and humidity.

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  1. I don't have any little girls yet, but I go back and forth about my American Girl opinion. I like that the characters are strong and independent, but they are a merchandising machine and $110 for a doll is crazy! I know lots of little girls are left out.

    Or maybe I'm still sad about never getting my Felicity doll because my parents are super practical and knew I didn't play with dolls that much.

  2. So did you get an American Girl doll? or do they already have one? I loved mine....with the books and all the fun stuff to go with it.

  3. Okay as always your photos are gorgeous!! And I'm soooo with you! We just got back from our last summer excursion and I'm so ready for fall...

  4. Haha the girls I nanny are absolutely OBSESSED with American girl so I have seen all the movies and played with the dolls a bazillion times. The movies are actually pretty cute, I'm not going to lie I'd rather watch them than phineas and ferb or whatever any day. I just can't get over how expensive everything and anything American girl is, it's adorable but SO spendy.

  5. Hahaha I love Madagascar! Bring on the Penguins. "Just smile and wave, boys. Smile and wave."
    Brandon's little sister and my niece are obsessed with American dolls too!

    Sounds like a great trip to Houston!
    Alisha and Brandon {the blog}



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