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Manipulation: Toddler Style

This past weekend at my sister-in-law's house in Houston (I'll post more about this little trip tomorrowish), we sat outside one evening on their front drive watching the kids ride bikes, the guys played washers, and basically had a nice time visiting.  Me and my camera had some quality time together, as well.

As I was playing around with some settings and "practicing", I shot a series of photos of my little guy.  Getting home and actually looking through my pictures, I now see what was really going on, as behind the lens prevents one from seeing the "whole picture" sometimes.

And thus was born, "The Fresca Thief".

Hey pretty lady, can I sit on your lap and help ya' out there with your drink?

What's this stuff called again?  Fresca?  No, I've never had that before....lemme have a sip if you don't mind.
By the way, did I tell you that you have beautiful eyes???

You're telling me this juice is called FRESCA???  Will you make sure to tell my momma that name?
Oh what's that you say?  There's not much left?  Oh well...we'll see about that Miss Holding-Out-On-Me-About-This-Miracle-Juice!

Chug it!!! Chug it!!! Chug it!!! Chug it!!!

Once it hits your's so good!!!

And that's how it's done ladies.  That's right, just call me The Fresca Thief.

Or ladies man.

I'm cool with either.

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  1. hahaha I love this Kristen! What adorable photos, glad you had a great weekend!


  2. hahahahaha ooh this is hilarious!!! aren't toddlers the best!! I love when people say... oh he wants to sit on my lap! how sweet he likes me! yeah... no he just wants your soda, or juice, or cookie, or ice cream, or cake... haha LOVE toddlers...



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