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Hey, Hey, Hey

I know I said this week that I was going to take the opportunity to work on getting out of my writing funk, but I have writers block (go figure) and I really like

1.  I am a total goof ball embarrassment of a momma.  Why, you ask?  Because tonight instead of doing the dishes, working on blog stuff, getting school stuff ready for my girls, or anything else productive...I instead made up back to school themed lyrics to Blurred Lines....aaaaaaand downloaded the instrumental version to boot.  I have a firm commitment from my husband to do the "hey, hey, hey" (we'll see).  Now I just need some back up singers.  If I ever get brave enough to actually post the video, you'll be first to know.
My daughters are gonna be mortified!  Yesssss!!!!

2.  Back to school time is one of those seasons when I have so much to do that I just do nothing.  (See no.1 above)  And part of that doing nothing involves Pinterest.  Remember my post about Pinterest killing creativity?  Well, it sure does serve it purpose for making me laugh.  I could look at those memes all. day. long.
One of my favorites as of late...makes me giggle every time!

3.  I STILL haven't gotten around to writing my end of breastfeeding post.  By the way, if anyone cares, I stopped about 3.5 months ago.  Not that it's critical that I write the post, but I didn't record my feelings and memories anywhere else, so I'm afraid if I don't do it soon, I'll forget.  And I don't want to forget.  He was my last one!  Some one hold me accountable for heavens sake!

4.  Question:  I'm curious...if you could only buy one thing for your fall/winter wardrobe, what would/will it be?  Being on a tight budget, I'm having to seriously consider all of my purchases.  I haven't really bought any cool-weather clothes, but when I do, I want to make them count!

5.  All right, that's all I've got.  If you have any random questions for me or things you'd like me to talk about more, leave them in the comments...I'll answer them in a post next week or email you.  This could be fun!

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  1. Okay so I'm pretty sure I think it's awesomely fabulous that you made up lyrics to blurred Lines haha it's pretty much my favorite these days!! You should soooo totally share that video! ;)

  2. I want to see the blurred lines parody video. Like now!! Awesome!

    1. I'm gonna do it Sat. You wanna come be a back up dancer?

  3. YOU. ARE. MAKING. THAT. VIDEO. hahahahahaha
    Considering I'm 5 months pregnant, thinking ahead to fall and winter wardrobe makes me want to puke. Seriously, I need some moo-moos because this body is growing and expanding and, honestly, the thought of putting on clothes every day does not interest me in the least. I like stay home and not putting on a bra. TMI? I'm sorry this did not answer your question. Whatever wardrobe piece(s) you choose, slap a monogram on it and you're good to go. Personalize that sh*t.

    p.s. I'm serious about that "Blurred Lines" video. It's going to happen. PRONTO!!!!!!

    1. I love the monogram idea! I've been wanting to monogram more stuff!!!

      I'll keep you posted about the video. :)

  4. hahaha that card. I would buy a warm winter coat. The one I've got isn't that warm really..

    1. Ooooh, I wish I had need for a warm winter coat. I'm sweating just thinking about one right now.

  5. You are the cutest momma EVER!! Seriously cracking me up with that song stuff!! To answer your question about fall pieces, I would totally go with a pair of black skinny (maybe even leather!!) pants. They are so versitille. You can tuck them into fall boots, or pair them with cute flats! xoxo



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