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Blogging Funks and Killing Creativity I'm kind of in a blogging funk.
Not the kind of funk where I'm uninspired...or where I'm unmotivated...

More of just a lost my writing mojo funk.  I look back on past posts several years ago (when hardly no one ever read my blog) and I actually laugh at the whit and cleverness that was my writing.  Not to say that it has to be that way all of the time, but I think nowadays, I'm in a time crunch to get my posts done.

I'm way busier.
I'm juggling more balls.
Life happens.

This picture has nothing to do with the post...I just came across it and thought how crazy it is to remember this time as a brand new momma almost eight years ago.

So in an effort to get back into my writing groove, this week's posts are going to be more momma-centric.  Also because I have zero outfit posts to share, nor do I plan to shoot any this week (read: I won't be leaving the house much...but now as I write this, I can think of at least 3 places for which I'll have to get presentable this week.  Welp, there goes my yoga pants sabatical).

So if you come here for my style posts, check back on Monday...I'll be back with some outfit posts (way to put the pressure on myself).  But if you're here for kicks and anything else that may come out of my brain, stick around...

Who knows.  Maybe you'll find something useful.  Or something that inspires you. Or possibly just a laugh...most probably at my expense.
Thanks either way.

So on another note, driving home today from taking all four kids back-to-school clothing shopping (surprisingly it wasn't as bad as I had prepared myself for), I was pondering how I could make the first day of school extra special for Tyler Bree and Riley.  When we got home, I automatically looked to Pinterest to "tell" me what and how to do this amazing first day of school morning I had thought up.

After finding several ideas, I thought to myself...I don't need this.  I can think up something just as good if I simply take the time to employ my own creativity.  I consider myself a creative person...not in the DIY or crafty way...but in the think outside the box way.  So why wouldn't I cultivate my creativity through this opportunity to make a big deal out of my daughters' first day of school?

Yes, following that Pinterest picture to a "T" would sure make it easy on my grocery list and planning...but it would be copied.  And the whole reason I want to do this is so my children can enjoy something special from their momma that says "I love you" in my own unique way.

So what do you think....

Do you feel that Pinterest sometimes kills opportunities for creativity?
Or do you use Pinterest for the initial idea and then take it from there?
Or do you heavily depend on Pinterest for ideas and inspiration?

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  1. Good for you! I am excited to read your mommy posts!! It fun to change it up sometimes and just go with it...what you are feeling and wanting to share. Pinterest def helps get my juices flowing...if I pin something, I usually put my own spin on it. Let me know what you come up with! Would love some ideas!

  2. oh i know how you feel. it's hard to juggle it all as momma :)

  3. I love Pinterest for ideas, but I like to put my own twist on things from there. I don't want to do the exact same thing as potentially thousands of others.



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