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How Much Pressure to Put on Kids? {plus a fab giveaway}

Tyler Bree had dance tryouts over the weekend...this was her first time.  Although she's been dancing for six years, this was the first time she's actually auditioned in front of judges...a closed audition I might ad, so I have no idea how she actually did.  Can you say nerve wracking?!?  She did great (considering), and made the team she wanted!  We were so proud of her hard work, as she had to learn three dances in two days and the choreography was the same as was taught to the "big girls", so needless to say, it was pretty challenging.

It's a tricky situation with kids her age....
I remember being able to put pressure on myself to practice harder and improve, but she has such a different personality than me and I don't think she'll ever get to that point of intense self-motivation...which in turn, makes me the pressure-putter-onner.  read: dance mom.  But this year, being her first, I thought I could save that for a few years down the road when she's matured a bit and can handle it.  There's no need for pressure this time around...I just want her to have fun.

And I'm pretty sure she did.  I'll never forgot that proud, toothless smile when I showed her the email announcing who made the teams...priceless for sure!


Today I have a special and unique giveaway for you!!!

Kelley from Leefy Not Beefy and the etsy shop Arcadian Designs is giving away some of her one-of-a-kind etsy shop gems!  I'll give you a hint...they smell glorious!!!

"The idea behind my blog was to have a place to keep myself accountable to get fit and healthy.  It has evolved to include posts on faith and fashion as well, and I'm learning that being healthy is a daily decision and not quite as easy as I figured, but I guess if I can do it, anyone can.  I love being able to connect with others through the blogging world, and that's a perk I didn't go into blogging realizing - there are SO many awesome women (and men?) out there, and I learn so much from them.  My shop was something I've wanted to do for many years, and one day I just thought, "Okay, why not?  What's the worst that can happen? So I don't sell anything, I'm no worse off than before I started", and I'm so glad I took the chance and allowed myself to dream.  I love being creative in that way and coming up with different scents and combinations."
Kelly is being so generous today and giving away a collection of her original homemade scents (how cool is that?) along with one of her perfume lockets!!!!  I think it's so wonderful to support Etsy shop owners as well as women make sure to give her some love!!!!
You can see all her scent descriptions here....what a dream to be able to hand pick them like that!  And isn't that perfume locket so vintage chic?  I'd be applying perfume all day long!!!!  Ha!  This would be such a great gift as well!  Good luck!!!

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  1. We're of those lame parents who don't have time for extra curricular activities (we're both full time teachers and by the time we get home all we want to do is STAY home together!). :S But anyway, I don't know how good it might be for a little kid to be put under this kind of pressure, it's one of those "fine line" kind of things where you have to consider your child's personality, the rigors of the activity, etc. If your daughter loves it and shows that she can handle it, go for it! :)

    Ana Paula
    {Visit me at Mommyhood, PhD}

    1. I think not being in activities is perfectly good for kids. My parents were both teachers, so I totally get your situation!!! :)

  2. I was very self-motivated growing up as well. I can imagine it is a fine line being a parent with children in extracurricular. My parents did a great job encouraging me, but not pushing me. And they never let me quit something until my commitment to it was fulfilled. That was a lesson I will definitely pass down to my own children.

  3. Yay to Tyler Bree for making the team she wanted!!! I'm sure it's hard...wanting your child to succeed, but not wanting to be pushy. I'm not in the same boat yet with the boys being so young..but I'm hoping that I find that nice healthy balance. I do think it's important to give them extra boosts every now and then...especially when it comes to dance.

    1. You would not believe this tap dance she had to learn! I usualy can pick them up pretty quickly and help her learn and practice, but I couldn't even keep up with the tap! I'm hoping this year will be one of big improvement and growth for her dance-wise....especially if she wants to stick with it. :)

  4. I don't have any personal experience, but just echo what was said already - I'd imagine you'd have to take into account the personality and if she can handle the pressure or if she ends up doing it to please you or to not rock the boat, but as long as she's loving it and everything, I'd think it's awesome.

  5. I was a self-motivator too and danced since I could walk. I was pretty competitive. Good for you for not pushing her, she will find her motivation.

    I pinned the Alabaster bloom hair clip, it's so pretty!

    1. Thanks for your thoughts, Sarah! Yes, I am a little nervous for those really competitive years! :)

  6. Just found your blog, cute! But from the parent of a son, it's hard because he has all of these outside pressures (at 10!!!) to be manly already so the pressure to play football or rougher sports is on for him. But he doesn't like them! So I try to balance it for him and make sure what he plays, is genuinely what he wants versus what Dad or someone at school says for him to do.



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