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A Checking-In Kind of Vlog From TxSc

Well Helloooooo!!!  I just got done with Texas Style Council and am super excited to share all about the fun and learning this coming week here on the blog, as well as my outfit picks (I got nominated for best dressed y'all!  You can check out my obnoxious Instagram feed from the weekend or just look under the hashtag #TxSC13 for all the conference related pics.

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  1. I loved your prom dress! So pretty and whimsical!

    I should join you all next year.


    Ana Paula
    {Visit me at Mommyhood, PhD}

  2. Watching this vlog made me like you even more (which I thought was impossible, because I already adore you!) So excited to hear about everything...and I want to hear about everything!!! This sounds so incredible. I loved seeing your Instagram pics and can't wait to hear about everything else. PS> You have zero southern any texans have a "southern" accent?

  3. You're V-log was fab - you're so cute!! This has come at the PERFECT time as I am working on focusing on me and branding myself and my business!!! Thanks for sharing!!



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