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Life This Week, Today, and Summer

1.  I'm so behind on blogging/emailing/etc.  If this directly affects you, I'm sorry.  I'm working on it...but the first day of summer kinda trumps anything else today...although with the fact that when I have too much to do, I just do nothing.

2.  My husband gifted me with 9 gifts during the 9 days leading up to our 9th anniversary.  It was way over the top and I loved every bit of it!  The last and final gift is sort of a surprise and probably won't happen until this weekend, but I'll be sure to post it here on Monday....or Tuesday, or whenever I get around to it.  (see #1)

3.  I recently bought Lightroom and I'm quite smitten....although highly unfamiliar with the software.  I need some tutorials stat, as well as any preset recommends.  Here's a favorite of mine from a recent photo session.  I always fell like images can be editing a little more, and a little bit more.  Even now, looking at this one, I see things that need to be changed, like more cropping, lightening, etc.  Photography brings out the perfectionist in me....which very few things are capable of doing.  I'm usually such a "eh, it's good enough" kind of girl.

4.  Hallelujah, school's out for summer!  I didn't come downstairs today until 9:00!!!!  That doesn't mean the munchkies didn't wake me up at 7ish, but their daddy had prepared baggies of cereal and put the T.V. on PBS so that I was able to get a little bit more shut-eye this morning.  Crossing my fingers this trend can continue throughout the summer!

5.  Even though it's the first day of summer vacation for my kids, I'm being a meanie and making my kids help clean the house rather than heading to the pool like everyone else in our neighborhood.  I'm hosting Bunco tomorrow night and a party Saturday morning, so getting the house clean comes first today.  And naps come second.  What a terrible, no-fun mom I am, huh?  ;)
(Oh, and I think I have pink the pool probably doesn't want me anyway.)

What do you have going on today???

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  1. Yayyyyyy for summer vacation! I have one more day!


  2. Oh dang! You have pink eye? I hope not..that stuff is the worst! Enjoy your summer! I would totally make my kids clean first, too! haha...That's so fun about your weekend. You have a lot going on! I definitely want to hear about your 9 presents...such a cute idea!

    1. You's not itching and hasn't discharged since this morning, so now I'm thinking I might just have a regular infection from wearing my contacts too long. Either way, it looks pretty gnarly. :)

  3. I want lightroom.. I hear its amazing!! your kids are so beautiful! xo



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