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The Beginning of a New Season

My baby boy's 2nd birthday party was today.  Now that it's over, I think it's time to come to terms with his age.  He's two.

Wait for it......

Wait.  Oh okay.  I'm totally fine with it.  Who knew?
No tears.  No dwelling on his babyhood.
I think we're all good here in mourning mommyland.

You see...I feel like we are finally climbing and clawing our way out of the last nearly eight years of "baby years".  At some point since our first was born, we've always been in the phase of diapers, nursing, pregnancy...and most of the time, it's been a combination of more than one of those.

I can say without much mommy guilt, that I'm glad I feel great with where we are.  I mentioned the other day that I don't have baby fever....and I'm not sad about that.  This beginning of "babyhood liberation" will most likely have a bittersweet aftertaste in a few months, possibly years...but right feelings of contentment and looking forward to the current ages of our children tells me this is where we're meant to be.  (Not that we were even thinking of having more's just nice to feel comfort in that peace and satisfaction.)

I feel a new season of our lives beginning.  Not just with my baby turning two, but with all of my children.  It's the beginning of (and the very re-introduction of) spontaneity.

And that, my friends, is something babyhood does not befriend.

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1 comment:

  1. I'm with you on the not having baby fever. It's nice to be heading out of that. But I do have baby fever for other people ;)
    My youngest turns 2 next Sunday.



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