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Holiday Party Attire

My husband's work party was this past weekend.  The sole reason I ever-so-slightly look forward to it every year, is just the chance to dress "holiday chic".  Or that's at least what the dress code has indicated in years past.  You can read more heavy sarcasm about my past experiences with these work parties HERE.

This year, we totally goofed on the time it started, resulting in us getting there an hour and a half early.  This didn't bode well for our babysitters (thanks parents!).  But we did parlay that extra time to kill into some Christmas shopping in the 2nd Street District!

But alas, I did manage to enjoy my outfit!  I didn't want to go TOO festive, but felt the green with the little pop of red would do, without looking like a walking Christmas tree.

How was your weekend?  Did you get some more Christmas shopping done?  Did you have a (hopefully painless) holiday party to attend?

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  1. I know what you mean. I'm a trained clinical pharmacist who practiced while putting hubs through med school and residency (we weren't even married!), and I get those comments. I want to throw a rock at people who make comments about my wasted education or how I sit at home and do nothing. Um, I have two year old twin irks and a six year old daughter

  2. I had to go to my BFs party Friday night. I always hate that the old people and young people don't interact at these parties. I could have saved some serious $$$ and just had dinner with his work buddies elsewhere. Lol

  3. BTW I LOVE your look. This is perfect.

  4. I used to have to go to parties with a ton of lawyers--snooze-orama. Bloggers are so much more fun and interesting. Love the outfit and hope you had fun!


  5. oh my goodness!! I LOVE this look!! You look gorgeous.



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