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Office Christmas Party

Last year, I swore I would never go to my husband's office Christmas party again with was horrible.  In fact, all the previous years have been painfully uncomfortable for me due to various people who either have no personal space boundaries or who are oblivious to acceptable amounts of alcohol consumption for a work party.  It's about the equivalent to pulling teeth.

shirt: CAbi, jacket: JC Penney, skirt: Target, shoes: Candies (Kohls), belt: 'mommed', purse: Burberry
I wore a version of this outfit here, but took it up a few notches for our festive occasion last night.  It actually ended up being a pleasant evening aside from some one fainting and us getting stuck with a GINORMOUS doughnut during the Chinese Christmas exchange.  Stupid number 5!  Seriously, who brings a doughnut the size of a toilet seat to a gift exchange???

It ended up okay though, because our little Elf "brought" the doughnut from the North Pole to our kids for breakfast this morning.  They got a big kick out of it.  What a sweet and thoughtful little Elf, huh?


  1. Very, very nice outfit!
    Did i read right, a doughnut for a gift exchange, too funny! some people hey?


  2. You look fierce! (And you were looking pretty fierce at church today, too.) Did they get the doughnut from Round Rock Donuts?

  3. your personality shines thru all of your outfits!! I love them all, so much expression. and- when can you go wrong with leopard and red?

    laughed out loud at your narration of an office christmas party! SPOT ON!




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