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Judging Through Pictures

This Saturday, I've been asked to participate in the Mom Connection (you can view last week's here).  I'm super excited to contribute my thoughts on this week's discussion, sibling sharing, a topic with which I get up close and personal on a daily basis.  I was also asked to provide a picture with me and my kiddos.  This was a lot easier said than done.

Since we've had our Mac, the past two years of pictures are archived on this computer.  Roughly ten thousand pictures.  From that, you would think I'd have taken at least one really great picture with just me and my munchkies.


Not a single one.

I know I have high standards for what I consider to be a "decent picture" (and I'm most definitely not fishing for compliments), but this is the best I could find....especially since my only other option (see bottom of post) was out of the question.
No make-up, dried lake water hair, and what appears to be me choking my baby boy with his life jacket.  (At least the picture is colorful and everyone is actually looking at the camera.)

But after brooding a while over not having a "suitable picture", I then reminded myself:  What's really important here?

What people (who don't know me) think of me when they see this picture on Saturday?

Or what I think when I see this picture and remember the fun weekend we had at my aunt's lake house with all of our family?...And how it invokes the humble and grateful thoughts and feelings of 'how blessed I am to be the momma of all these babies'.

Does it really matter if people judge me from a picture?  Maybe....that depends.  But I'll have to get over that because it's going to happen.  I judge people everyday from mere still shots of their lives.  Possibly not intentionally, but I know it do it, as do most.  I've come to terms with the fact that I really don't care.  Yes, I want to put my best foot forward in the blogosphere and online relations in general, but as a momma of four, I can only do so much.  These pictures reflect my life, and not some set up shot I paid a photographer to capture and pose as my "real life."

So the result of my search for the perfect picture to submit for the Mom Connection came up short.  But I don't mind.  There's no such thing as a perfect momma-with-her-kids picture.

But there are perfectly imperfect ones.

And I think those are the most perfect kind.

p.s.  Momma lesson learned:  Get out from behind the camera more and jump in those pictures with the munchkies, so that:
a.) I'll have a decent picture for future opportunities such as this.
b.) More importantly, my kids can one day look back and remember those times they experienced with their momma.

p.p.s.  Make sure you're back here on Saturday to check out the Mom Connection and see what I have to say about sibling sharing.

p.p.p.s.  And in case you were wondering, this was the ONLY other one of me with my four littles.  Not exaggerating one bit.  Seriously, it's time to start handing over the camera to the husband more often.

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