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Austin Celtic Festival

My mom and I had gone to a showing of 'Brave' a few months back, where we were given tickets to the Austin Celtic Festival.  Not wanting to put those tickets to waste, combined with our slight obsession with our Scottish/Irish heritage, we couldn't pass it up!

For me, the dogs were the best part!  They even have a doggie parade!

I seriously want one of these mammoth guys.  I know I've talked about one on here before, so obviously I'm serious.  We saw two Scottish Deerhounds and both owners said they were inside dogs.  And super docile...unless you're a squirrel (or a deer)...then, good luck with that.

Watching this sheep herding demo was so interesting.  The dogs are extremely patient, quick, and efficient.  This one below was a rescue dog that had been abused, therefore didn't have much herding experience....but it didn't seem to matter one bit, as he was a natural.  So cool.

Who knew the "Irish Jig" was just making fun of the Irish?

Both of my parents' sides descend from Irish/Scottish heritage, so I consider myself pretty much of that origin.  My husband's family, however, are German and Czech.

So in essence, our children are pure-bred mutts.

The Mrs. & The Momma

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