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Fall Color: Burgundy

Incorporating today another one of my favorite fall colors (another one here).  I'm so glad burgundy is the "new black" this season.  It's such an easy color to add or to re-introduce (if you already have some in your closet) into your wardrobe.

A subtle way to wear the color is on your lips and nails.  I think most of us have that deep wine color already in our polish aresenal, right?  I'm planning on bringing my nails into the trend sometime this week...crossing my fingers (ha, no pun intended) that I'll have some "me" time to sit, paint my nails, and watch Dancing With the Stars....and maybe eat a one or two of my Halloween candy weakness.

(side note: this sweater looks a bit purple in the pics, however, in realy life it is actually a red burgundy.  You can see it last worn here.)

Also, just wanted to mention that I recently updated my Sponsor page....check it out if you're interested in working with The Mrs. & The Momma.  I'd love to have you for October!!!!

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  1. Love this green skirt with the burgundy!! So gorgeous!


  2. Love this outfit! I've been looking at that blazer for a while and love that skirt! Happy to be on the it list with you!!!

  3. Really love this green skirt, you look so pretty with this gorgeous outfit. | Salon Price List



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