Fall Color: Hunter Green

One of my favorite fall colors this season (I can say "this season" already because it's technically September and I'm choosing to overlook the fact that summer's presence will remain here until late October), is hunter green (along with burgundy, but we'll save that for a separate post).  Although these heels aren't quite exactly that hunter green color, at $7.99, they're close enough...don't you think?  I do!

I found these on major clearance at Target, and I've heard they have other great colors such as turquoise, that are steals right now.  After wearing them around for several hours (two of those hours spent carrying around a large man baby), they only hurt my feet a tiny bit....and that was after wearing them for a while.  Soooooo considering the facts....they're basically slippers.

Man, do I have a BUSY week ahead of me!  The highlights include co-hosting a CAbi party and doing a fashion basics class for women at my church, with doctors appointments and birthday parties sprinkled in for good measure.  Hope you have a fabulous week and that September is bringing that wonderful fall weather I'm so desperately pining for.

You hear that, Summer?

Shop this look:

The Mrs. & The Momma

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