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Scout Falls Hike | Utah

Well folks, I think the winter-ish weather is upon us.  Yesterday here in Utah was as cold as a Texas winter day in January.  So for our hiking adventures, we're probably about done for the season...especially considering that we have no snow shoes/gear.

Some friends of ours came into town last weekend and we hiked Scout Falls from the Timpooneke trailhead up American Fork Canyon.  Although shorter than Silver Lake hike, I think we hit it at peak foliage time and thus it ranks pretty high in my favorites.  The hike was fairly easy, aside from scrambling up tree roots and having to pay close attention to footing.  When we arrived at the falls, they didn't quite live up to the pictures I had seen, which was most likely due to the season and lack of precipitation Utah received this past year.

We hope to continue our hiking adventures once the snow melts next spring/summer, but I think it's safe to say that we've had a pretty solid go of things the past couple of months.  Utah has been good to us so far and we have thoroughly enjoyed getting out in nature...and in the beautiful weather.

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