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Hiking Donut Falls

We've been in our house in Utah for a little over a week now.  My brother came down from Oregon to help my mother move and stayed with us until his flight this morning.  After days of being knee-high in boxes, moving paper, and a general mess of stuff...on Labor Day morning, we decided to take a break from unpacking and head to the mountains.  

We decided upon the Donut Falls hike and wanted to get out there as early as possible, with donuts in hand, of course.  Our family motto has become something to the effect of "get an early start to beat the crowds...always".  We have enjoyed the rewards (or avoidance of crowds/waiting) by sticking to this way of planing/thinking in most things we do as a family.  This was no different.  In fact, there were tons of cars parked all over the canyon road at 8am!  Eager beavers!

Our hike was easy but fun.  I wasn't prepared for the VERY cool morning and regretted not bringing a hoodie along.  Hiking is one of our favorite things to do and I am excited about all of the trails so close by!  If you're from around these parts, do you have any great hikes you'd recommend?

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  1. Just beautiful! I didn't know your Mom moved fun! Tell the kids hello.

    1. Yes, she moved up here with us...she really had wanted to move for a long time. Thank you!!!



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