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I polled Insta the other day asking which affects mommas most...when their oldest hits milestones or when the youngest does.  I was surprised that most of the responses said the oldest!  Milestones such as....oh I don't know, TURNING THIRTEEN!  With all the crazy in our family/life right now, I wasn't preparing myself for our oldest becoming a teenager.  I mean, we planned how she wanted to celebrate and stuff, but my mind and heart didn't really go to that place of "how the heck do we have a thirteen-year-old!?" or "why is my baby growing up so fast?!?"  It kind of took me by surprise.  Truthfully, I'm of the camp that gets way more emotional when my youngest hits whenever his thirteenth birthday comes around, forget about it!  But for our oldest, it definitely was one of those big birthdays and caused us to reflect on all the blessings and experiences she's brought to us as parents.

We started the day with her requested breakfast of cinnamon rolls, and later went into the mountain for a requested lunch of Shepherd's Pie.  We found the perfect little creekside picnic area, but as soon as we began eating, bees swarmed us and didn't let up.  So her birthday lunch in the mountains was cut reeeeeaaaaally short, but we continued up into the canyon to Tibble Fork...a beautiful reservoir for swimming, paddle boarding, etc.  She ended her birthday by having a few new friends over for cake (Unicorn cake, of course) and discussing how life will be TOTALLY different now as a teenager. ;)

Dear Time, 
Please slow down.  Just sloooooow your roll down, won't ya.  No need to rush...we don't have to be anywhere.  We're good right here at 13.  Got that?  K, thanks.
Sentimental Momma

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