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Beautiful Utah | Hiking Mount Timpanogos

Wow, Utah is just gorgeous...isn't it!?  We hiked Mount Timpanogos and saw first hand the beauty of autumn in the mountains.  We weren't able to summit because it was already impassable without proper gear (snow), but we hiked as far as we could, making it to Emerald Lake.  And I'm not gonna lie---it was tough.  I knew I was out of shape, but geez...factoring in the altitude and hiking in a rain storm made me feel super accomplished when we made it back down the mountain!

I overcame physical pain and really had to put into practice "mind-over-matter".  Going down was extremely painful (I'm officially old), but totally different from the pain/exhaustion going up.  But gosh it was worth it!  The views were so beautiful and it was absolutely lovely each time I stopped to look back over where we'd came.  Thankfully, the mountain was pretty quiet that day and we only encountered a few other hikers.  Hopefully some of these pics do it justice...and I definitely would recommend doing this hike if you ever get a chance!!!!  I'm hoping to do it again sometime in the summer when we can summit.

On the drive up to Utah, coming up on this arch had me like a giddy little girl!!!!  I've always wanted to see and arch and I had resigned myself that we probably wouldn't unless we ventured into one of the national parks.  So imagine my surprise when we came around a curve to this beauty!!!  Just amazing!

Have you visited Utah?
Where are your favorite places there?

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  1. Oh my. These are lovely photos. Thanks for sharing. My sons and I drove to Salt Lake City 2 years ago, and I want to go back again, this time to sight see.



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