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Finding a Fiddle-Leaf Fig | The Natural Gardener

Last weekend after our busy Saturday morning of sports, we went off in search of the perfect Fiddle Leaf Fig plant I've been wanting.  If you follow me on Instagram, I posted two names we were deciding between for our new little thing...the consensus was "Bellatrix".  Gives sort of a whole personality to her. Because naming your plants is totally normal...right????

I don't have fond memories of nurseries or plant shopping from my childhood.  My mom dragged me around to those places all the time, and I think I'm a little scared from it.  That, combined with my innate ability to kill plants from the get-go, one can understand how I'm not very well-versed in the "shopping for plants" area.  However, I did have my heart set on a Fiddle Leaf Fig.  After calling around to find most places were sold out of the plant, I finally called The Natural Gardener in Austin and they had several!  But going there was much more of a treat than I expected...the grounds are gorgeous, my kids loved the butterfly garden and labyrinth, and I personally quite enjoyed the swing!  It's a lovely spot to not only get your fill of every kind of plant imaginable, but also a great place to spend a little time exploring, lingering, and enjoying nature!

But back to "Bellatrix"... here's to hoping I can keep her alive!  Any tips on indoor plants, please send them my way!!!!

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