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Easter FUN | 2016

WHAT a whirlwind last weekend was!!!  Not only did we come back from camping hitting the ground running, but we had two Easter at my in-law's and one at my aunt's lakehouse.  Both were lots of fun and I especially enjoyed the family time.

The past few weeks have been the most busy I've had in quite a while, so all my plans to do Christ-centered activities during Holy Week leading up to Easter unfortunately did not come to fruition.  But...after feeling like a big mom-fail, I thought why can't we do all that stuff the week AFTER Easter...or any time during the year.  Which we totally can, and hopefully will.  After all, I've still got the rolls in the fridge to make Resurrection Rolls.

How did YOUR family celebrate the Easter Holiday?

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  1. Love this post! I, too, plan to make Resurrection Rolls this week...because the message rings true all year long :)



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