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Being a Boy's Momma

It's no secret being the momma of a boy(s) is just the sweetest thing.  Yes okay, maybe I feel it more acutely since we had three girls before having him...but still.  These boy mom moments just melt my heart....

Last weekend, we got up early Saturday, picked up our favorite breakfast tacos, and headed to a local state park for a little hike and family time.  Being first thing in the morning, most everyone was in good spirits which always makes things easier.  We hiked around, took some "risks", and even discovered a hidden homestead from the 1830's.

But the absolute BEST was when my little guy, every-so-gallantly, said to me, "Momma, take my hand.  I'll help you over that rock."  Or, "Here Momma, follow me so you know where to step."  And my favorite was, "Momma, don't worry.  I'll always be here to help you."  I don't know what gave him the impression I was not up to the task or needing his assistance, but it absolutely melted my heart when he kept looking over his shoulder to make sure I was okay and as his little hand reached out to "help" me.  I mean, I almost couldn't take it.  Never before has he shown this chivalrous side to me, but I can't help but assume it's from watching his Daddy.  I had to hide my giggle as his "help" actually hindered some of my climbing...I mean, how could I let his sweet hand go?!

I tell you what...He will surely melt my heart many times to come in the future, but I will ALWAYS remember this day when my little boy showed his first signs of being a little man.  I felt pride, love, and a special insight of what's to come in my life as his momma.  And then I secretly thought to myself that I sure hope I like his wife...for her sake and mine.

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