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What to Wear in Scotland | A Style Guide

We visited the highlands of Scotland back in the fall and I still think of it almost every day.  It was the trip of a lifetime and I cannot wait to go back!  If you want to check out my 5 favorite places in Scotland to visit, I blogged about them here.  Also follow along on Instagram at @scottishobsession!

Leading up to our Scottish vacation, "what to wear" was an ever-present thought in my mind.  What will the weather be like?  Will my luggage be overweight?  What can I pack to wear multiple times?  This inner dialogue went on and on.  I even searched online for some guidance, but didn't find anything super specific or really helpful.  Most "what to wear in Scotland" posts/blogs/info I found basically suggested to take any and everything "just in case" because you never know what the weather might be like.  Which is true, but not so helpful when you've gotta keep it under 40lbs.

As it ended up, what I packed happened to be right on the money except for a waterproof trench coat that I really did not need.  So I decided to put together a list of specific pieces to pack for Scotland in case I can be of some help to future travelers.  I would imagine this would apply to Ireland travel and England travel too...especially in the Spring and Fall months.  We spent a lot of time outdoors exploring and hiking, as well as castle touring.  Layering is definitely a must, as is waterproof hiking boots and multi-wear pants and tops.  Check out the shoppable links below the image!


SCARF // a must for those biting winds

PUFFER JACKET // keeps you nice a toasty at higher altitudes

BACKPACK // multipurpose pack for all carrying essentials, camera, snacks, etc.

SUNGLASSES // on those sunny days, you'll definitely need a good, trusty pair

LAYERING TEE // all about adding and shedding layers...this is a nice thin layer to start

COZY HAT // keeping your head warm will keep the rest of you warm

HIKING BOOTS // a crucial essential, must be waterproof

WELLIES // nice to have for those downpour days and hiking over the bogs

RAIN JACKET // because you need a solid waterproof layer rather than an umbrella

WARM VEST // some days aren't as chilly, a nice vest is the perfect layer

CHAMBRAY SHIRT // for layering and dressing up a bit for a dinner or museum

CASUAL COMFORT BOOTIES // going out to eat and more casual walking excursions such as castles

GLOVES // itouch capabilities are a must too, so that you can still take all those iPhone pics

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  1. This is great! And I love the picture of you at the beginning. The layers say it all. That is such a great pic! Thanks for the post!

  2. Thank you so much! I'm heading there at there in August and this has been so incredibly helpful! So thank you :)

  3. Thank you so much :) I'm heading to Scotland in August and this will be so incredibly helpful!

  4. I live in Scotland. Just wear winter clothes all year round!😊

  5. This is a great wardrobe for outdoor and touristy activities like visiting castles. Perfect catch with the Wellies and vest! I will do that next time I go there. I would add that if you're going to be someplace like Edinburgh and want to go to nice bars or restaurants to also pack one dressy outfit. On one trip we had to bypass some really nice looking happy hours or dinners because we felt completely underdressed.

  6. Thank you for posting this! I have been researching on what to pack for Scotland in September and your post is what I am after!



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