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Scotland Travels | My 5 Favorite Places in Scotland

It's been roughly a month since we returned from our amazing "holiday" to Scotland...and each day, I've longed to return.  It was no doubt the best trip I've ever experienced.  I absolutely fell in love with the land, the history, the vibe, everything!  I plan to do several posts about our time in Scotland (check out my what to wear/pack in Scotland post), but thought I'd start out by sharing my 5 top favorite places we visited.  These were all wonderful for various reasons, so take note (or pin) if you're ever thinking of visiting the majestical land of Scotland.

1.  Doune Castle - Parts of Outlander were filmed here (Castle Leoch), which is reason enough to love it...however, we thoroughly enjoyed this castle we "happened upon" because it was not touristy.  It's set on gorgeous land, we moseyed on through it, then even walked down to a small clearing and stream for a bit.  The combined feeling of history mixed with tranquility was something unique.  I felt like we were in on a little secret...although, I think we just lucked out to be there when few others were.

2.  Culloden Moor Battlefield - Just a ways outside of Inverness, this historical battleground is the place of the halting end to the Jacobite rebellion in 1746.  We were there on a clear day, but it doesn't take much imagination to picture what a battle on this field would have been like in rainy conditions, boggy ground, and poor (physically and spiritually) Scottish soldiers.  It's quite a tragic story, one that I would highly recommend learning more about.

3.  Clava Cairn Standing Stones - Another place we "happened upon" that was just delightful!  Erie, but delightful nonetheless.  There are three circles of standing stones from the Bronze Age, each surrounding a burial place used thousands of years ago.  How incredible to think of how people erected these stones with preciseness.  Note:  I would NOT care to be here at night...just a friendly little FYI. ;)

4.  The Quiraing - This landslip on the Trotternish Ridge on the Isle of Skye was a fantastic and quintessentially "Scottish" least what I had in my mind.  Foreboding and rough, hiking the Quiraing was a bit challenging.  There's a point on the hike where most people we saw turned back, however, we ascertained we were going to complete the entire circle, and THAT we did.  Thankfully, a fresh scone and cream were waiting for me in the car upon our return...pure heaven!

5.   Steall Falls, Fort William - Another wonderful, yet completely different hike.  We hiked down Glen Nevis (the valley right next to the highest peak in the UK), and as we came down into the opening of the glen, I swear I heard angels sing.  It was absolutely glorious.  This was the most fun we had hiking....mainly because of some hilarity caused by crossing streams and scrambling up rocks...but gosh, there's just nothing like standing in a peaceful glen (valley) between towering mountains and appreciating God's creations.

Have you ever visited Scotland?  If so, what was YOUR favorite???

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  1. Jealous! I have always been fascinated with the UK and the fascination just intensified now that I love all things Outlander. I can't wait to read more about y'all's trip!

  2. Nice blog.Thanks!

  3. Great post! I'll be heading to Scotland near the end of August and still iffy on what to wear. Some blogs I've read said to pack for early fall, and others cool summer attire. We plan to do exploring outside; Edinburgh, Inverness, Skye, Fort William, and Glasgow. We are taking the train--any tips or insights would be great! I can't wait to experience the majestic views!

    1. I would definitely spend some time in Skye and around Fort William. Have fun!!!!

  4. I just came across your post this morning! I leave for Scotland in 2 weeks, am also an Outlander fan, and am even more excited to go after reading this! Thanks for sharing.



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