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Summer's Madness + 4th of July

As I type, I'm realizing this is the first time I've sat at my computer and had a moment to actually blog.  And in reality, I've got WAY too much stuff I need to be doing, but hey...someone's gotta keep this thing up...even if it means checking in only once or twice this crazy summer.

I've been MIA for a while mainly because I haven't been around.  When I say this summer is crazy, that's actually an understatement...and if anyone likes to exaggerate, it would be this girl.  Today we leave for Tyler Bree's dance national competition in Dallas, from which I'm coming back early to shoot a wedding and then leaving for Mexico for a week.  See, told ya.  Summer is nuts, but in the best way possible...we're making memories!  My mantra has been: Focus on today, don't worry about the madness tomorrow.

I only got a few 4th of July pics on my phone, but here they are nonetheless.  We had a lovely day with family, friends, and fireworks!  

// This was her 2nd...or 3rd. //

// Making 4th of July cards //

// His first sparkler! //

 // Hometown fireworks with friends //

// Jansen jumping pic...their favorite //

// basically the hit of their day...ALL. DAY. LONG //

Hope you and yours had a wonderful Independence Day!  I'll be posting soon about the wonderfulness that is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale...cardholders' get to start tomorrow!!!!  TTFN!

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  1. Making summer memories is the BEST! Enjoy making yours. Can't wait to hear about all your adventures!

  2. I love these pictures,and thanks for your sharing



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