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You're Still Welcome Here, Winter {Life Lately}

Life lately has been a LOT of indoors.  It's just been yucky outside, therefore, we've ventured out much less than normal...aaaaaaand I've gotten dressed much less than normal.  No, that's a lie...I'd live in a robe if I could.  My uniform of late has been a combo of sweatpants and hoodies...but not just any sweatpants.  THESE sweatpants that changed my life.  I don't know what it is about them, but I'd wear them non-stop if it were socially allowable.  Heaven (and Blake) knows I try to at all costs.

Here's what our life has looked like (in phone pics) this past week...probably much like those in the rest of the country.  Lest I sound like I'm not okay with this weather, I TOTALLY AM.  Spring can take its sweet time and I really don't care if I never see Summer again....cold, rainy, foggy --- Bring it!

She looks asleep, but she's really pissed at me and hiding her face.  This girl is wearing me out with her mood swings...Talk about five going on fifteen!  Gah.

No time/weather/opportunity for outfit pictures, so I take them myself sometimes...this is a lot trickier than it looks, my friends...or I'm just seriously lacking in iPhone coordination.
Jacket: CAbi, jeans: J.Crew, booties: Target

If I'm ever wondering where this 85 pound giant is, 9 out of 10 times I find her here on our bed...exactly like this.  The other time, she'll be laying like a human on my pillow.  #smh

In the car waiting.  Their not-so-preferred pastime.

I've been trying to work on his fine motor skills lately, and he's just not interested in much of that.  The only thing I can get him to do is color Star Wars books...but his tolerance stops there...and at about 3.2 minutes into it.  It's so interesting having a boy at this age, as the three girls were all about writing, coloring, reading...and all he wants to do is have light saber fights and throw balls.  Boys.

Date night outfit from last weekend...and gasp, we're going on another this week.  A rare occurrence, but they would certainly be nonexistent if it weren't for our amazing mothers who watch the kids for us.
turtleneck: Banana Republic, skirt: CAbi, boots: Target, necklace: Kendra Scott (exact)

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