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Fist Pump Friday 2.27.15

Yay for Friday!  This week seemed to fly by!  Usually that only happens coming off a super busy weekend....oh wait, yep.  Here's what I'm fist pumping about this cold and dreary (I'm loving it) Friday:

1.  Tonight Blake and I are going to the San Antonio temple...not only a spiritual way to kick off the weekend, but some much needed couple time.  I love getting to attend the temple and the peace I feel when I'm inside...a little bit of heaven on Earth.  This is a photo of the Salt Lake temple I took when we went to General Conference a few years back.

2.  I have a feeling we're looking at one of our last cold blasts here in the ATX.  Boo.  So I'm taking advantage of warm and fuzzy things by making homemade marshmallows and taking delivering them to friends with some hot chocolate!  #GIVE #WordOfTheYear #FistPump  (p.s.  I use Alton Brown's recipe HERE.  No need for candy perfect every time, except of course for the sticky mess if you're not careful!)

3.  My Spring is booking up nicely for photography sessions!  Actually, I have very limited dates open due to a busy family and vacation schedule, so if you're a local and want to snag a spot, contact me asap to ensure availability (March is full, but April and May still have a couple of dates)!  Also, my package info and portfolio can of course be found on my website  Fist Pump! xo!

I hope you're heading into a fabulous weekend ahead!  What are you fist pumping about today?
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  1. In love with your super amazing photo! The blue sky color is too perfect.



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