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Hashtag Happenings

Having some hashtag fun today....Who says they're only for social media?

I'm a little embarrassed to say, but I "think" in hashtags more often than I'd like to admit.  It's like the stuff you want to say, but don't....RIGHT?  RIGHT???

^^^ Little B wasn't having it with the pre-church pic his momma so desperately wanted. ^^^

^^^ At Tyler Bree's dance competition last weekend...I always wait until the last minute and then remember I've taken zero pictures.  Please note the dance mom tshirt I'm sporting....Evidently I've crossed over. ^^^

^^^ I plan to literally lock my kids outside this summer, so I'm conditioning these two early.  I want my kids to use their imagination, get dirty, be bored...and all those other things I did in my own childhood.  OUTDOORS.  Clearly, their getting right on it. ^^^

^^^ Seriously, the duck face??? ^^^

^^^ The obligatory stop at the American Girl store while we were in Houston for Spring Break. ^^^

P.S.  What if Joey from "Friends" had an Instagram  (there's a Ross one too!)

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  1. First thing I immediately noticed in the 2nd pic, was your shirt! LOL! #neversaynever

  2. I love the idea of locking the kids out in the summer. I plan for us to be outside non-stop once we have a backyard again. Apartment living has been HARD on the outdoor time. But it's a matter of weeks now! And Riley's dress in the outdoors picture is BEYOND cute - where did you get that? #musthaveitfordrew #wishitcameinadultsizes #hashtagsarefun



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