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Things have been something else this week...it's been a chaotic mess of sickies, Valentines, and busy schedules.  Is it too early to say I'm ready for summer???

Of course, I do NOT mean summer weather...just the absence of busy-ness.  Repeat...I am NOT ready for the heat.

Bennett has been sick for almost a full dang week.  He's slept in my bed for most of those nights with the nastiest cough I've ever heard...meaning I've gotten loads of blissful sleep.  Not.  I know I should take him in to the doctor, but I'm hoping it will pass...I'm giving him today to improve.  Oh and he so generously gave whatever he has has to his momma....sniff, cough, sneeze, cough, cough.  #momlife

But on the bright side, it's almost Valentine's Day!  We done several of the activities I planned out HERE, but I have a bit more baking/crafting to do before Saturday.  I want to make it really special for the littles!  Yesterday, I told Tyler Bree and Riley to go get dressed up in crazy outfits and we had an impromptu Valentine's photo shoot.  Lots of fun and silly faces!!!!!

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