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My Grandiose Valentine's Day Plans of Crafts, Sweets, & Printables

Today I got all Valentine's busy...because for some reason all these grandiose plans to make this Valentine's Day super special for my family came to mind (read: I found on Pinterest)!  And the good thing is, is that I'm actually having these aspirations with over a week to go until the holiday...rather than the day before with zero time to actually carry-out my plans (like I normally do). 

So!  What do I have planned?  Well, for starters---these ideas below.  Also check out my Valentine's Pinterest board where I have lots more fun stuff!

Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids - Starting this week, I plan to give Blakely and Bennett plenty to do to fill everyone's Valentine's mail boxes!

Printable Valentines - For Blakely and Bennett's pre-school class friends...print them out on cardstock, tape on a chocolate, and viola!  So cute and easy!

Valentines Blondies - On Valentine's Day evening, we're going to have a little V-day family soiree, complete with heart-shaped pizza, Swig cookies, and these yummy M&M blondies.

Valentine's Chair Backers - Aren't these adorable!?  We have an entire week to make "secret" Valentines and fill each others "mailboxes".  Just so happens that this one has the perfect name on it already!

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