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What To Feed a Pig When You're Trying To Make Friends

The other day I posted this on my Instagram account...because well, I just cannot resist little baby piglets.  I want to eat. them. up.  But then my aversion to pig feces brings my senses back and I end up just snuggling them for a bit while their mommas freak out over why she only has 11 piglets in the pin when she KNOWS she gave birth to 12!!!!  The stink eye from a momma pig is nothing to take lightly...these gals mean business.

We had our Jansen Show Pigs annual pig sale last weekend, which was a hit!  It's especially fun for me (and Blake) this year because Tyler Bree is finally old enough to show (shows don't start until early next year).  She already has a couple picked out, named, and on a diet of Nilla Wafers whenever she visits in hopes of creating a strong bond...because you know, pigs and cookies...How can she go wrong?

Being her first year in 4-H, I'm also going to strongly suggest she submits a photography project as well.  I think with a few pointers she can capture something beautiful...maybe even of one of her pigs.

We will see...and I'll be sure to post updates on her wafer-eating swine.
Oink, Oink.  :)

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  1. oh my gosh that little piglet is so cute! My old boss actually has a pet pig. I forget how big he is but I didn't even know that was possible until I met her haha.



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