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A Pre-Conference Post...My Excitement and Nerves

Holy-Moly, folks.  Things are about to get crazy 'round these parts...
But before the craziness actually sets in, we've got to get Tyler Bree's Dream Catcher party behind us (tomorrow night) and to get through my trip to NYC next week...which is what this post, this pre-conference post, is all about.

Last year was my first to attend the Fashion Forward conference in NYC.  I had a wonderful experience of which you can read about (as well as all my take-aways from it) HERE.  This year, not only was I invited back, but I was asked to be in the fashion show and get to attend an event the night prior to the conference!  I can't wait to see what they have picked out for me to wear, but I will make sure to Instagram and Tweet it out as soon as I have it on!  Add getting my hair, nails, and makeup done, and this girl is EXCITED!
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Last year I was in the city just over 24 hours AND I had the help of one of our friends to help me navigate the NJ transit system, as I stayed the night in Jersey.  This time around, I'm staying with my friend Ranya in NJ, but having to negotiate the train system all alone...and I'm not gonna lie...I'm kind of nervous about it.  I've been to NYC several times and feel like I have a fairly good sense of direction and of the subway in Manhattan.  But going outside the city is a different story, as you have to watch for the platform on a screen until it shows it...then everyone makes a mad dash to get on the train in time.  What if I don't know which one is which?  What if I can't get through the crowds with my big luggage and miss the train?  A little nerve-wracking thinking ahead, but my friend assured me she'd walk (text) me through it.

Any helpful insight you may have...give freely, please!

I'd LOVE for you to follow along with me on my trip...please stay in the loop with my celebrity encounters (Christy Turlington Burns is the keynote), cool brands/product discoveries, and of course conference sound-bites and take-aways!

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